3 All-Natural Homemade Flea & Tick Treatments for Dogs

As the beautiful months of summer and sun quickly approach us, so too do the months of pesky fleas and irritating ticks for our beloved four leggers. Parasites like fleas and ticks are huge annoyances to our canine friends and to us. Not only are these little parasites itchy, irritating, and creepy, they can also be major threats to our own health and the wellbeing of our pets.

Before the summer heat creeps up on you too quickly and you encounter a full-blown flea or tick infestation, take the precautions needed to protect your dog and your home. Of course, there are many store bought options for flea and tick preventatives and care.

natural homemade flea treatments

However, some of these can contain worrisome chemicals that are thought to be harmful for both dogs and their owners in contact with them.

Of course, heartworm preventative and other medications provided by your veterinarian are important, but if you are looking for an easy and all natural way to fight off the fleas and ticks this year, try out these three methods.

Natural Flea Shampoo

One very common ingredient in natural pest repellant is essential oil. There are several different essential oil options that you can use, including cinnamon, rosemary, wormwood, clove, peppermint, pennyroyal, cedar wood, or almond oil.

To create an effective and all natural flea shampoo at home, combine six to 10 drops of whatever essential oil you choose with two ounces of organic, biodegradable soap. You can find all natural soap like this at almost any grocery store.

Use this combination just as you would any other pet shampoo. Wet your pup’s fur and then lather the soap into their coat. You should let the mixture sit for a few minutes to make sure that the oils penetrate to the skin. Rinse your pet thoroughly and repeat as needed.

Natural Lemon Wash Flea Deterrent

Another great way to naturally fight annoying pests is by using a natural lemon wash flea deterrent on your pet. Citrus is a natural flea deterrent and is great for your pet’s skin. Combine four slices of fresh lemon, one tablespoon of salt, and six cups of water into a pot. You should bring this combination to a boil for two minutes and then turn off the heat and let the concoction steep for a full day (24 hours).

Once the mixture has steeped for a full day, you can apply it to your pet’s fur and skin after you shampoo and wash them. Apply the lemon wash generously to your pet to help heal any bug bites they may already have as well as condition their damaged skin. This lemon wash can be repeated daily if needed.

Homemade Flea Spray

The lemon wash above can be placed into a spray bottle and used as a homemade flea spray or you can create an all-natural alternative flea spray to the citrus spray. Mix 10 to 15 drops of essential oil into one to two ounces of mild organic soap with water. You can choose from any of the essential oils listed above and may want to try a different oil combination than you did for the pet shampoo described above.

By varying the types of oils used on your pet, you will be more likely to eliminate any pests that bother them. Put this mixture into a spray bottle and spray your pet through the day. This method is a good way to keep new fleas from being attracted to your pet, but is not the best method for eliminating a flea problem that is already present on your pet. Try spraying your little four legger before you go on an outdoor walk or let them lounge outside.

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6 Responses:

  1. allyson

    - 26th Mar, 17 03:03pm

    where do you get the long slender mountain mint?

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    • WayCoolDogs (author comment)

      - 26th Mar, 17 07:03pm

      mountain mint
      This edible long slender mountain mint is commonly found in Missouri’s moist or wet areas. Also called slender mountain mint, there are six species of this plant === all found in Missouri. Since I do not know which species you are interested in, I will remain generalized. The plant blooms from June to September.

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  2. Pheroza

    - 24th Jun, 16 08:06pm

    Are all the remedies good for dig ticks.. is it the same effect. ?

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    • WayCoolDogs (author comment)

      - 21st Jul, 16 02:07pm

      Tell me what remedies you are thinking of. Most flea products also destroy ticks. You then can go natural products or chemical products — let me know if this helps or you need further information, Pheroza.

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  3. levi

    - 29th May, 15 08:05pm

    Mint oils are also good repellant. I made some mint water with some long slender mountian mint and boiled it for about 15 mins and let it sit over night and put the youngest dog in the tub and applied it with water in the tub and fleas started jumping off left and right with one fast drizzle down his back. I put some in a spray bottle and every now and then i spray all the dogs with it outside to knock all fleas off them make sure to get their belly and crown of head, take them back in and since the mint is also soothing to irratated spots it works great gets ride of fleas and if its allergies keeps them from scratching themselves raw. If you try this and try the same kind of mint i did make sure NOT to eat it yourself its toxic to humans but not animals.

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