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5 Accessories to Give Your Dog a Designer Dog Look

It’s no secret that a certain kind of dog owner loves to indulge their four-legged companion with all the latest accessories for a designer dog look, whatever the price tag may be. These days, dog owners have a lot of choice when it comes to so-called ‘designer’ dog clothes, accessories and grooming products. Below you’ll find just a small selection of some of the weird and wonderful products in the world of dog fashion. How many are you guilty of splashing out on?

Designer dog clothing

designer dog sweater
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All of us are a little guilty of falling in love with an item of clothing and going a bit over board on a clothes shopping trip. Why should not dogs be able to enjoy the same luxury of a warm coat as we do? “They have fur!” I hear you scream. They do, but that does not stop them from becoming freezing in the winter months. If you want to ensure that your pet is safe from becoming ill from the cold and looks great then jump online and sift through the huge variety of clothing you can buy for them.

Designer dog beds

What self-respecting pooch wants to sleep on a tattered old blanket or cushion? There can’t be that many that are not dreaming of an upgrade while they snooze. You’ll find that there’s actually a range of stylish dog beds out there with plush fabric and gorgeous stitching that they’ll love. When your dog needs to take a nap don’t forget that style should come into the equation as much as comfort – it will help to smarten up your home after all.

Designer dog leads

Any dog’s favorite pastime is to go out for a walk. When you pick up their lead they quickly become the liveliest thing in the house. In truth, this one is more for your benefit than the dogs. Who would want to be seen walking their dog on a tattered lead? A good lead should be sturdy and look great. They come in a huge variety of colors and styles so that you can buy a variety to match yours and your dogs outfit.

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Image provided by Wikipedia

Designer dog collars

From a British Bulldog wearing a spiky ‘don’t look at me’ collar to a beautiful Poodle wearing a bright pink ribbon, a good collar should portray your dog’s whole persona. The sky is the limit in terms of design, depending how ostentatious you want to go. Diamond-studded designer collars, anyone? Whatever your preference, I always recommend choosing a collar that will match with your lead and their clothing.

Designer dog perfumes

It seems like this one could be a little far-fetched at first glance, but for owners who want their pets to smell as good as they do it might just be an option. Even the most strident defender of dogs will have to concede that they can start to smell rather quickly. Obviously a regular bath can help keep this at bay, but why not add a dash of perfume too? This will help guarantee that your pet smells great all the time!

If you haven’t yet started styling and accessorizing your pet dogs to make them a designer dog, it’s time to start! There so many designs and options you can choose from to make an everyday unique outlook for them. Just remember that choosing designer dog accessories can turn into an addictive habit.

Author is Scarlett Huxley

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