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7 of the Funniest Dog Pictures on Pinterest

Looking at 7 of the funniest dog pictures on Pinterest brighten a person’s day instantly, no matter how bad a day it has been. I laugh my head off while looking at the Pinterest dog images.  When I look something up on Pinterest, about 41,300,000 funny images usually pop up in 0.61 seconds. Sundays are always special to me and today was the same.  I thought these funny dog pictures would warm not only your heart but your dogs’ heart!  Laughing at 7 of the funniest dog pictures on Pinterest will do the job!

Two things do wonders for the human psyche…. one is dogs and the other is laughter. By combining the two and spreading the laughter socially, a lot of laughter will do wonders in this world of doom and gloom. So. Laugh and be happy. Laugh and share happiness.  And laugh while loving your dog, looking at the funniest dog pictures on Pinterest.

Why do you love dogs, while looking at the dogs’ funniest dog pictures on Pinterest?

  • All dogs have a personality that touches your heart
  • There are very few dogs who do not touch your heart and soul
  • Dogs are extremely nonjudgmental
  • I love to go walking with our dog
  • Nobody is every alone when they have a dog by their side
  • We are a nicer person when we live with a dog
  • Its proven that dogs make our immune system stronger
  • We live longer when we live with a dog
  • Our dog helps us cope with the worst


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Funniest Dog Pictures on Pinterest_apricot_poodle_pole_dancing
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funniest dog pictures on Pinterest-pooping_dachshund_puppy
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funniest dog pictures on Pinterest_doxies_running_in_grass
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funniest dog photo on Pinterest_Lab_playing_fetch
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funniest dog photos on Pinterest
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funniest dog pictures on Pinterest
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Dogs make our hearts happy and provide visible love

Dogs have never had a problem showing how happy they were, nor showing their affection. It is impossible for them to hide their feelings. Any contact with a dog will have a positive effect on your stress levels and immune system within five minutes of original contact. Better yet, the positive effect lasts nine times longer than the contact.



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