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Our mission at WayCoolDogs.com is to help dog owners better care for their canine friends through health articles, dog information, general news, political positions, and lots of humor!

It was created by animal lovers with a passion for sharing valuable information with dog owners. The articles are written from the experience of running a shelter for elderly, sick and abandoned dogs that nobody wants.

Over time, we’ve added more and more content about issues that were important to our dog loving readers and we have accumulated a wide variety of subject matter that is all related to dogs! Our readers learn, ask questions and enjoy the stories.

As of April 2016 we have 1,000 articles on our site – all related to dogs and taking care of them! Read more about this milestone here.

Our blog was started by three women who love dogs: writer and editor Nancy L. Houser, who has been taking in and caring for sick and elderly dogs for many years; Sandra S. Marquiss, who does a lot of the heavier outdoor work with the larger dogs and helps with a lot of the proofing and illustrations; and Marita Meegan, who takes care of the technical part, something both of the other women shudder and avoid at all costs!

Marita is the power behind making sure the blog articles get found by people and organizations who need this information. All three women come together to build this blog via – what else – the Internet! With the two gals living in Nebraska and Marita in California, it has become quite a creative liaison!

What does it take to start a home for old dogs that nobody wants? Or providing a home for dogs that require ongoing specialized care due to illness or behaviors, from serious trauma, abusive backgrounds, lack of socialization, to lack of training.  To work with dogs successfully, it requires entering their world and leaving yours behind to understand their needs and problems.

Every dog is different, every dog is unique and every dog requires love and companionship. That is who they are. There is no such thing as a bad dog, a vicious dog or a mean dog. It is usually the owners you are in need of education when it comes to their dog’s breed, or dogs in general.

frontal gigiOver the years, we have been called for emergency puppy whelpings, to treat sick dogs and to provide homes for dogs that nobody wants. We have dogs here that have been dumped onto the road.

Most of our time is spent on writing about and educating others about shelters, feed, medical issues, and training. The majority of the dogs who have been turned out or into shelters are due to training issues, which is the owner’s fault, not that of the dog.  We believe in gentle training and entering the world of the dog for full communication.”

Nancy’s rescues:

“A few of our examples of the daily cares are J.J. (Joyful Jasmine), a Shiba Inu who refuses to eat – requiring four feedings a day from a small spoon; little Buttons, an elderly Rattie who is so shy and retired, she needs special care and is just now coming into her own at ten years of age. Tiny Maya Rose likes to be carried around on her back as often as she can because she needs lots of attention and love, and will throw herself backward the minute you pick her up. Old Trixie was a breeding dog going from kennel to kennel until she ended up here…she is now one of the girls who runs at will, attaching herself to us as often as she can. Today, she sleeps in her chair, with a few of the other girls.

There is also little Tilly Mae, a Rat Terrier-Pomeranian hybrid puppy who was born at two ounces, and today at full growth weighs only three pounds. She thinks she is a one-owner dog – and now belongs only to me. Holly Higgins, a little black and tan long-haired doxie, was born at 1 1/2 ounces with a parrot mouth, being tube-fed until she was over three months of age and decided she wanted to live. She requires a special diet and a special plate  to eat to work with her parrot mouth. Barbie – a Miniature American Eskimo – was taken out of a breeding mill about 10 years ago. She runs loose and is over 26 years of age, only recently slowing down.”

NE Pets Meals on Wheels:

Nancy also runs NE PETS Meals on Wheels – a hub of NE volunteers throughout the state helping struggling Nebraska families and individuals who have pets and have lost their job, are elderly, have health problems, or are disabled. If you are in need and live in Nebraska, please contact us through our contact page here.

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