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Basics of Dog Care We Ignore

A dog is man’s best friend,  and the basics of dog care we ignore do not offer our beloved pet a quality life. Dogs are faithful animals and easily show their owners unconditional love, not deserving .

In return, dog owners must take proper care of their pet by providing quality dog food, shelter and take them to regular checkups. But if the dog care is ignored ….  the dog will face serious health problems along with drastic changes in the dog’s behavior.

There are so many basic dog care tips which prevent this sort of thing from happening. Therefore, we have provided some basic dog care tips are given below to help you out.

Basics of dog care involve attention and exercise

See to it that you take your canine friend for a walk regularly no matter what type of weather it is. But, never go out if it is hailing because, like yourself, it can injure your pet. But it does not matter if it is raining. Just make sure you carry an umbrella along with a raincoat for your dog, depending on the weather forecast.

Dogs like smelling things and seeing new places, as much as possible. Most importantly, you should buy poop bags and a good quality dog leash. All these will be available at your local pet store. And remember … whenever you jog or walk with your dog, make sure that you are holding tightly to its leash.

Feed dry dog food two or three times a day

If you have a puppy, they need special puppy food and more than adult dogs. Depending on the health of the dog, canned dog food may be required to give them additional protein.

Many experts say to not feed dogs off the table, but boiled chicken and boiled beef and rice are excellent when added to the dry kibble dog food. There are also certain vegetables that are good for them, shredded up and added to their food. Always research before giving anything to your dog other than dog food, as some could give them problems.

Another tip you need to remember is that chocolates are bad for dogs. All chocolates contain a particular type of caffeine which leads to the fast beating of a dog’s heart. And this will probably lead to the dog’s death. Even grapes are bad for dogs’ health. So, before you give your dog any food, it is better to research or consult your vet.

Training your dog

basics of dog care
“Properly trained, man can become a dog’s best friend.”

When it comes to caring for your dog, training is a major part of it. If you train your dog, then you will find that it becomes easy for you to look after it too.

Also, a trained dog can easily adapt to new surroundings as they are more secure with their owner. The best time to start training your dog is as soon as you bring it home, whether it is a puppy or adult. The most difficult task might be potty training your puppy or an older dog from a shelter.

Some dogs require a lot of time to become comfortable to go outdoors to potty. You need to know how much time exactly your dog takes to learn new commands.

One command is to establish a routine pattern, such as firmly but not loudly saying, “Out” as you open the door it s0 it can go outside to potty. Repeat the command several times.

At first, you will need to walk out the door with the dog, getting it to follow you. Once it does its duty, give it a treat as a reward, patting male dogs on the head and rubbing the stomach of a female dog. Those are its most sensitive areas, and will get the message quicker.

Each breed takes a particular time to grasp things along with its age, so researching your dog’s breed will save lots of time. It is important that you should have a lot of patience and love while training your dog, as if you were teaching your child new things.

Grooming your dog

Grooming your dog is something most people ignore.  Many dogs will require grooming from once a month to at least two times a week. In case you have a long-haired dog, it will need grooming more frequently than just once in the spring or twice a year. Once the dog hair begins to knot up, it pulls the skin, leaving open sores and irritated areas.

While grooming, just see to it that you check your dog’s nails, ears, eyes and teeth. Who knows? You might come across some health problem in the initial stages only.

Good dog grooming equipment is easily found at many pet supplies store. Otherwise, there are professional groomers available that can do it for you.

Routine veterinary care 

This is probably the most important tip you need to consider while caring for your dog. You need to take your dog to a vet at least once in a month, with supervised worming for dog worms. If you are considering the cost, then it is better to go for a pet insurance for your dog. By investing, you can cover most of your dog’s veterinary bills with a nominal monthly fee.

Crate your dog near you at bedtime

Before you go to bed, place your new puppy or dog in its crate beside your bed,  or in a nearby room. Make sure it has a bowl of water accessible — but not food at night. The last feeding should be from 4 pm to 6 pm

The bowl of water should not be too big, nor should the crate.  A dog will not toilet where it sleeps; if it does, the crate may be too large.

As stated, if you have a puppy, it is better to keep it a little close to you. As puppies need going out frequently at night, they might bark. So, the crate should be kept close enough to you to hear the barking.

Plenty of love and affection

All dogs need attention and love just like human beings. That is because they are social, just like people. You should love your dog unconditionally, in the same manner it does you. If you show love towards it,  it will be easy for you to train as it will be more apt to respond to the person it loves. Once your dog gets to know your expectations, it will follow your commands more quickly.

The previous list of  basics of dog care tips are what you need to follow to care for your dog. A dog is a very loyal animal and should be treated with love and care, requiring so much more than just the basics of dog care. We ignore much more than we get back, unfortunately.


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