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Basics of Dog Grooming

If you have a dog as your pet, then the basics of dog grooming should be a priority of your canine’s care-taking. With proper training and lots of love, he or she will become a loyal companion throughout your life whether you practice dog grooming at home or take them to a professional dog grooming establishment.

Dog grooming can help maintain an excellent relationship, as it provides an excellent source of communication and love. Touching, stroking and gentle words provide good grooming tools that go with the tools you buy and learn to run. The reason is that when you will build a good understanding with your dog, then you both can make the grooming an easy task and also part of a gentle training method.

One interesting point is that I feel every dog is intelligent and loyal to humans, or at least most have that capability. Moreover, every dog loves to be groomed. The reason is that every dog takes the grooming practices as the sign of love, as touching is a positive effect on the animal and mankind’s first sense that develops. Therefore, after every grooming, the dog becomes more loyal to his or her owner. It is an amazing feeling, an ability to communicate nonverbally in a touch-phobic society.

Beauty of Dog Grooming

One thing you should remember that every dog has a knack for his or her own beauty. Particularly, owners of male dogs feel that their dog likes to see himself looking nice more 0ften than female dogs. According to them, if you take your male dog in the front of the mirror, then you will see that his attitude will transform into a new dog form. The reason is that your dog has a better aesthetic sense about his or her own. Actually, the dog grooming is a part of pet etiquette as well. Just ask any dog owner!
When you decide to provide good dog grooming, you should train your dog well in advance. The reason is that if your dog is well trained at an early age, then you will able to get a positive response from your dogl. If you are wise, then you will know that every dog grooming will need a well-trained groomer. The reason is that if you are a well-trained groomer, then you will understand the dog better and your work will be fine as well. Actually, it will help you to understand the dog’s mind and its activities as well.


If you provide your dog with routine health care, your dog will eventually look forward to it.  At first, you may have a fight or two on your hands, but the early you begin with good dog grooming and provide it routinely, they will begin to love it. Remember, it is important for you and your family members to have a disease-free animal in your home.


It is your duty as your dog’s caretaker to to give a routine bath or shower to your dog. The reason is that it will increase protection from the various diseases that attack from the outside.

Bathing will make your dog looking more fresh and active, plus making it feel better. When you bathe your dog, you should use a special soap, such as oatmeal shampoo or flea shampoo, depending on your dog and what is going on with it.

Nail Trimming

Nail trimming is a major part of dog grooming. In fact, it should be done on a weekly to monthly basis, including the quick nail.

The reason is that the nails help the dog to clutch anything deeply and it will help the dog to protect oneself from any danger as well. Moreover, inside of the nail, there will be dirt accumulation over the time and it will make the dog more vulnerable to the body infection as well. Another reason is the nails will rip and tear if it gets caught on anything dangerous, plus cutting you when you are playing with him or her.

Hair Brushing is Vital to Dog Grooming

Brushing a dog’s hair is vital for its health in dog grooming. The reason is that there will be many lice or various parasites inside the roots of the hair. Therefore, it is necessary to remove them. A daily brush keeps them in good condition and keeps the parasites on the move!

Additionally, it is very much dangerous for toddlers who like to play with your dog if it is loaded with fleas, lice and ticks. Make sure you use the right kind of brush when combing its hair. Do a little research on professional combs for hair brushing during the routine dog grooming.


Hair cuts for dogs, like with humans, are a kind of face makeover. Rather, it will make your dog cool in its appearance as well as feeling cool. Therefore, you should make the haircut of your dog according to its species in addition to various seasons.

The reason is that not every haircut will make your dog look good.  Some breeds do not need haircuts, especially those who have undercoats.  In that case, haircuts may be not good for your particular dog species.

Therefore, you should make yourself more aware of who your dog is, learn about his or her breed, what they like and dislike, and pay attention to how it reacts to the current weather trends in your location. Dog grooming requires knowledge of the dog in addition to learning the grooming process. Otherwise, you will be like a little four year old who just cuts his bangs for no rhyme or reasons, and how many of us have seen this happen?

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