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Best Dog Foods – What Does “Best Dog Foods for the Money” Actually Mean?

What does “Best Dog Foods for the Money” mean? Does it mean only expensive dog foods are the best, or does it mean low-priced dog foods can also be the best? The best dog food for the money has nothing to do with what you spend on it, contrary to what a lot of dog owners think.

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The first commercial dog foods date back to the 1860s. Not a lot of dog owners cared what dogs used to eat. People were struggling to feed themselves. Table scraps were the main source of food for dogs. Commercialized dog foods were not considered a high priority when our country first developed. Food for people was. In general, today healthy dog foods or premium dog foods are accepted much more than in history.  And a lot depends on your dog’s age, health, food allergies and how active it is.

Most of the United States has begun to treat dogs with respect and like members of the family. Life has certainly changed for animals as most dogs eat better than Third World countries or even parts of the United States. In 2017, the total U.S. Pet Industry was worth an estimation of $69.36 billion dollars. In 2015, it was valued at $60.28 billion dollars.

The best dog food on the market is high priority and a conversation piece between dog owners and dog breeders.ia. (Also read Healthy Human Foods for Dogs) The Federal Agriculture Department suggests that the AAFCO label on the panel of the dried dog food bag or can of dog food shows that a particular brand of dog food is complete and provides nutrition for all ages of dogs.

The bottom line is … you get what you pay for. If you do not know what you are buying, then why are you are paying such high prices?  There are many different dog foods available today that can provide for a variety of dog needs.

Different Types of the Best Dog Foods

Eno Dog Food Diet

The first four ingredients tells a lot of dog food quality. The Eno dog food consists of: ground brewer’s rice, dried whole egg, ground corn and poultry meal. The analysis is a 24% protein minimum and 9% fat content that minimizes stress on the dog and slows down irritation of the gastrointestinal tract of your dog. This is why many dog lovers feel it is one of the best dog foods.

The bad thing about this particular dog food is that it uses low quality grains which unfortunately are its primary ingredients, low quality and insufficient meat products, and unknown sources of fat – with a carcinogenic preservation. Not a recommended product as corn is hard for dogs to digest, causes allergies and yeast infections. A 20-pound bag runs $35 dollars without shipping.

Is the Evo Dog Food Diet one of the best dog foods?

The first four primary ingredients of the dry Evo dog food are beef, lamb meal, potatoes and egg – which basically means it is a grain-free dog food with the first source of carbohydrates consisting of potatoes. Added products in lesser amounts are buffalo, lamb, venison, herring oil, beef cartilage, apples, carrots, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, and cottage cheese – considered a very complete and nutritious AAFCO dog food. It does not have animal fat, but instead uses the sunflower and herring oils. This provides the dog with adequate amounts of Omega 3/6 EFAs.

The Evo dog food diet offers a large range of quality products that are close to what they would naturally consume in the wild – canned dog food (venison, rabbit, herring & salmon, duck, beef, chicken/turkey, turkey, and lamb), Chicken dry dog food, Evolution Diet Gourmet Pasta Dog Kibble, Innova EVO Red Meat (small dry bites), Innova EVO Red Meat (large dry bites), and Innova EVO Reduced Fat dry dog food. Analysis is 42% protein, 22% fat, and 2.5% fiber. This is a high quality dog food but is suitable for adult dogs only due to the high levels of proteins (meat and eggs) with high levels of calcium. Not a suitable puppy food under one year of age, large dogs in particular. Puppies that are fed high levels of protein will grow too fast and too much, causing joint problems.

Organic Raw Dog Food Diet

Many dog owners feel that the organic raw dog food diet works wonders for their pet. This is a diet that dogs love, providing benefits unheard of in the best dog food commercial industries. The problem is unless you are careful what you prepare for them or provide certain supplements, many dogs lack in nutrients they need. Follow your vet’s advice and watch your dog for any kind of problems that may develop. When the dog first goes on the diet, they may develop diarrhea and upset stomachs. A good idea is to give them half raw and half what you are feeding them currently for about two weeks.

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The benefits of the organic raw dog food diet, one that many accept as one of the best dog foods, include:

  • Softer and shinier coat
  • Clear eyes and ears
  • Decreased skin conditions
  • Increased hydration
  • Reduced stool size which becomes biodegradable
  • Senses sharpen with more energy
  • Improved immune system functions

Many companies provide BARF diet (Bones and Raw food diet for dogs) to be delivered to your door, or sffthere are many online websites which help you package them up yourself.

Additional Best Dog Food Diets

Other dog food diet diets include the Natural Dog Foods, a Weight Maintenance Dog Foods, Hills Science Diet Dog Foods, Wellness Dog Foods, and the Whole Dog Foods. There are no “best dog food” as all dogs are different and on different diets. But there are plenty of choices available to feed your dog, depending on its condition and age. Just make sure you research which of the best dog foods you plan on purchasing, and make sure it is healthy and beneficial to your dog while meeting all its needs.


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