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Best Hunting Dogs – The Top 10

The best hunting dogs, top 10, are a hunter’s best friend. Not surprising, as dogs are man’s best friend. They provide companionship, security and above all, are a source of joy in our households. But hunting dogs will hunt with or without hunters.

Dogs come in different breeds and sizes. It doesn’t matter if you own a Chihuahua or a German shepherd, they all serve a similar purpose in our lives. However, some dog breeds are exceptional and can aid us in in a specific manner, as opposed to other dogs.

Dogs are bred for a specific purpose, a purpose that goes back historically in time. Over the years, the best hunting dogs have ended up becoming masters of their craft.

There are some dog breeds that are natural hunters. Dogs have been bred for hunting in the last past few centuries and have shown a remarkable nose for their prey. If you are looking to grab a hunting tripod, below is a list of the best hunting dogs you can have along for the ride.

best hunting dogs
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1. Labrador Retrievers as one of the best hunting dogs

The Labrador Retrievers are a popular breed of dog makes one of the best hunting dogs and companion dogs.  The Labrador Retriever is full of energy with a thick fur coat to keep it warm during the cold weather. It is suitable for duck hunting or any fetch game you would like to play with. Its energy makes it a dog that is full of life—the perfect companion on your hunting trip.

2. American Foxhounds

These breeds of dogs were specifically bred for the purpose of hunting foxes and are still proving to be the right candidates for the job. They are energetic and do not tire easily. The American Foxhound will chase almost anything instructed by its master.

3. Beagles

Seen as the rightful hunting dog, Beagles are a bit similar to the American foxhound in its energy, persistence and love for the chase. Its short legs are a constraint to hunting much bigger prey. But if you are hunting small vermin like rabbits, the beagle is the right dog for the job. The short legs do go a long distance, providing excellent endurance and stamina for one of the best hunting dogs.

4. Pointers

Pointers have a thin fur coat that makes it unsuitable for winter hunting but in areas that temperatures remain hot, the dog does an excellent job in finding and hunting birds for you. The long legs serve as catapults, giving the dog the sprinting boost it requires. It has remarkable  speed and stamina with a willingness to keep on hunting.

5. Bloodhounds

The name Bloodhound makes these hunting dogs sound like ruthless dogs. And indeed, the bloodhound indeed does live to that expectation. Bloodhounds have a strong sense of smell and unparalleled tracking abilities, which makes them good hunting dogs. Their short stature makes them ideal for hunting small animals like rabbits, squirrels, raccoons or birds. The bloodhound’s senses are heightened, making it alert and attentive for any sign of prey.

6. Golden Retrievers

Mostly regarded as the ideal family dogs, Golden retrievers follow in the footsteps of their Labrador cousins as wonderful small-game hunters. The dog breed can serve both as a family dog and a hunting dog.

7. Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

Similar to the Labrador retriever, this dog was purposely bred for duck hunting on the shores of its namesake Chesapeake Bay. This is breed is full of energy, water loving and intelligent.

8. Weimaraner Hunting Dogs

The Weimaraner hunting dog has long legs and a unique look that makes it stand out from the rest of the pack. These dogs are fast and calm, which is perfect for hunting pheasants, quails or other birds.

9. Coonhounds

The sharp-nosed coonhound hunting dog can smell any rodents for miles and is willing to go through all terrains to catch it. If you are looking for a dog that goes through all terrains and does not stop for anything, the coonhound is the right hunting companion for you.

10. Irish setters

These breeds of dogs are characterized by the excessive fur on their body. They are ideal for turkey hunting in the fall season.

Our days just got better; dogs offer help and companionship, and that makes our lives better. Hunting dogs have been used in the last few decades and have yielded fantastic results.

New breeds of hunting dogs continue to catch-on as scientists uncover new ways to create species that make our lives easier by helping out with our daily hunting activities. 3Here is a list of 5 new hunting breeds

  • Dogo Argentino (from Argentina) – big game hunter /

  • Azawakh (Africa) – hare, antelopeand wild boar hunting/

  •  Catahoula Leopard Dog (Louisiana) – boar hunting /

  • Lagotto Romagnolo or Lake Dog (Italy) – gun dog and truffle hunting /

  • Stabyhoun (Friesland, Netherlands) – hunting and guard dogs, hunters of vermin and moles /

These developments only serve to raise enthusiasm within the hunting states. We can only wait and see the kind of dog breeds that come up in the future and gauge their prowess against what we have today—the best hunting dogs.

Author Bio:

Mission statement: To help you become the best hunter you can possibly be.

Kevin Steffey is an avid hunter and freelance writer, the founder of Deer Hunting Field. He loves spending time in the field with his rifle more than almost anything else. He also occupies his off-time discussing deer and their habits online. But more than anything, he wants to teach and educate about hunting … a passion that has existed in mankind since the very beginning.


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