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Best Pit Bull Diet for Optimum Growth

The main staple of the best pit bull diet for optimum growth is protein, among others. This is because pit bulls are very playful and strong  dogs, despite their fearsome reputation. Their strength and power are beyond question due to their relatively large muscle mass, as compared to other dog breeds. Owners feel confused about what to feed their pit bulls in order to keep them at peak health.

Here is my guide to help you do exactly that.

pit bull diet
Pit bulls are not a dog breed of their own. It is a name for several dogs, such as the American Pit Bull Terrier or the American Staffordshire Terrier.

Options for the best pit bull diet for optimum growth

The right diet from a young age will make your pit bull stronger. It will also make them more resistant to disease, allowing for a longer life.

You have three options:

  • Good dog food
  • Cooking yourself
  • A combination of the two

Pit bulls have good appetites and tend to eat to excess when given a chance. Because of this, I recommend you do not free-feed them.

How to choose food for pit bulls-which criteria should you follow?

A lot of different dog food brands claim to be superior. But the devoted pit bull owner will look beyond the commercials. To decide to choose the best dog food for pit bulls, you need to look at the ingredients.

Look out for dog food that is:

High in protein

Protein is the nutrient that builds and repairs muscle. A high-protein diet ensures that your pit bull won’t suffer injuries as easily when engaging in vigorous activities and if it does, will recover from them quickly and fully.

Not all protein is created equal – you also have to ensure that the protein comes from whole meat and meat meals as these contain high-quality protein. Low-quality protein like bone meal and meat by-products are used as filler and do not provide equal nutrition for weight.

Protein should make up 40% to 50% of your pit bull’s diet. Very active pit bulls, growing pups and lactating mothers need higher protein content while older and less active dogs require less.

Reasonably high in fat

Yes, that is right. Fat.

Fat plays an important role in a pit bull’s diet as a source of energy for the quick bursts of activity that pit bulls are prone to (and enjoy!) Fats also help keep skin healthy and fur smooth and shiny.

Fats in dog food enhance the flavor of the meal and make it more likely that your pit bull will finish its serving. Excess fat is as dangerous for pit bulls as it is to humans. Fatty diets lead to heart problems and can add weight that puts your pit bull’s joints under excessive stress.

Keep fat content at between 15% and 25% for optimum results.

A good source of carbohydrates

Whereas carbohydrates are not an essential part of the pit bull diet, they work to make your
dog feel full. They also are an alternative source of energy so your pit bull’s muscles are not broken down when it does feel hungry.

However, be careful to ensure that the carbs are not from low-quality sources like corn, potato
and soy. Besides being of low nutritional value, they can also negatively affect your dog’s
digestive system.

Carbohydrate content in a pit bull diet should be limited to approximately 30%.

best pit bull diet
Pit bulls were so gentle with children they were originally known as nursemaids or nanny dogs.

How to cook homemade meals for the best pit bull diet

Deciding to prepare your pit bull’s meals yourself is a big step. But it puts you in complete
control of their diet. Before attempting to do this, consult with you vet and animal nutritionist
to prepare correctly.

You need to ensure that the correct proportion of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and
minerals are present. Lean meat like chicken breast, turkey and liver are excellent choices. Remember to remove all bones before serving.

Fish is a great source of Omega-3, and salmon is particularly good. A pit bull diet is balanced, and will include various vegetables like carrots, leafy greens and broccoli. Don’t forget to include fruits, too. Apples, bananas and strawberries are excellent additions to the food bowl.

However, trying to prepare each meal yourself can be an arduous task. The ideal option would
be to combine cooking with dog food so your pit bulls get the best of both worlds.

What foods can pit bulls not eat?

We sometimes feel the temptation to share food that we find delicious ourselves with our canine friends. However, this is not what the best pit bull diet is about. There are critical differences between a dog’s and a human’s digestive systems. This means that food that is beneficial to you may have the opposite effect on your dog.

Most dog owners are aware that dogs should not be given chocolate. However, there are numerous other foods that are detrimental to a dog’s health that should be avoided altogether.

Among them are:

  • Bread, particularly white bread
  • Raisins
  • Grapes
  • Onion
  • Garlic


Last, but certainly not least, make sure that your pit bulls have enough water to keep them hydrated and healthy, especially on hot days. Granted, the best pit bull diet involves food, but water is vital to the health of all dogs, including their owners!

best pit bull diet
World War I poster with a Pit Bull as the patriotic representation of the United States.

Bio: I’m Brenda Leary. I have passion for dogs. My ambition is to found a community for dogaholics that everyone could share useful knowledge about dogs. Follow my steps at Cuddle Your Dogs to discover dogs’ daily routines, tips and advice on caring or your dog or puppy. This includes many, many things about the wonderful canine world.


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