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Book Review: “Rescued” by Peter Zheutlin,

The book Rescued by acclaimed journalist, Peter Zheutlin, is a follow-up to his New York Times bestseller, Rescue Road. We received an email from Zheutlin’s PR manager, requesting that we do a book review on it as we are interested in rescuing dogs. And so here we are. The book hits the market on October 3, 2017.

Focusing on rescued dogs, this is a difficult book to put down once you begin reading. Zheutlin shares the story of Albie in the first person narrator, his rescued dog that is part yellow Lab and part Golden Retriever. His wife, Judy, had been after him for over 20 years to adopt a dog. However, it wasn’t until they were facing the empty nest syndrome with one boy in college and one a senior in high school that he finally would give in to bringing home a dog.

The author also shares the lives of other rescued dogs in his book, many who had been adopted by friends and dog lovers he knew,

The love of a dog is a pure thing. He gives you a trust which is total. You must not betray it.                                  

 _______________ Michel Houellebecq

Rescuedis a humorous book, the type of book I enjoy reading. Peter Zheutlin, a professional writer, has a natural talent for putting words together to not only make you smile but laugh out loud…and totally relate to what he is saying. For example, he and his wife are both professional writers and work at home, which confused his two boys as they were growing up.

The boys began looking at the parents of their friends. They noticed they worked outside the home to bring in money in order to pay bills and buy stuff. They also noticed their parents did not work outside the home, causing them to seriously ponder, “Where is the money coming from?”. This continued for several years, and the two boys decided their parents were Russian spies. This had to be the way they brought in money! t where their parents got their money. They decided that their parents were Russian spies, as they had Russian friends who would visit from time to time. The young boys believed this theory for a long, long time until they got older.

dog for Rescued by Peter
The rescued dogs we have at our place love more than any dog we have ever had. They have an empty hole in their heart that seems to need filled by love, caring and lots of compassion by their new owners.


A few of the main characters in “Rescued”

Peter Zheutlin

Zheutlin may not seem like much of a dog lover at first, but once he has Albie he seems to change. This dog quickly becomes his life and they seem to have a bond that both desperately need.  He is a very kind man, as he works at home to be close to his two boys. He says that his father, a at-home-doctor who had a connecting building for his office, was at home with him throughout his entire life, and he could not imagine offering any less to his own family. So … both he and his wife, Judy, were stay-at-home-parents who were both professional writers.

A lot of the reasons Peter did not want a dog was because he was referred to as “Mr. Fussy.” He liked a clean house, a very clean house, that he cleaned himself. He mentions in the book that his wife did not like cleaning house.

“Judy had wanted a dog since before we had kids. And when we had kids they, too, of course, wanted a dog. But I was steadfast. I knew, despite the promises, that the lion’s share of the work, especially early morning walks on subzero mornings across sheets of ice so a dog could poop, would be my job. Judy isn’t exactly what you’d call a diligent housekeeper, so I knew it would also fall mostly on me to vacuum up the shed fur, wipe off the muddy paws, and pick up the dog toys strewn about the house. When our boys were little and keeping the house in order was  a full time job, it was my job: I changed sheets, vacuumed carpets, organized toys over and over and over, pulled Legos out of toilets, and generally tried to keep the house from descending into utter chaos.”

Judy Zheutlin

Judy was not the Heloise housekeeper of the year. Truthfully, most of us aren’t. We are just not lucky enough to have a wonderful cleaning freak of a husband to balance the difference. Darn it!

After biding her time for 20 years or so and once the boys were close to growing  up, Judy quietly began to connive with her friends against Peter so he would bring home a dog.

Summary of Rescue

The book rescued is true to life and tells you about the life of a rescued dog and the life of someone who did the rescuing … against his early desires. Enjoy it and then go rescue a dog. For real!

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