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Dog Author and Biologist Marc Bekoff

Located in Boulder, Colorado, Marc Bekoff is one of the few authors on dog intelligence that makes “intelligent sense”. Working from a dog philosophy point of view, his dog books are well worth reading if you come from the stand-point that dogs are certainly capable of feeling, thinking and working  problems out.  As human beings, we have an uncontrollable egotistical issue in regard to  our position the the  superior race–a statement in itself which makes one wonder…WHY?

“I believe that all living organisms have souls and are souls. Regardless of what they look like, how they behave, or how similar to us they are, they have and are souls. Many people think that only humans have souls but then can’t tell us what they mean by the phrase “have souls.”

Perhaps we can get out of this loop by claiming that animals are souls, for souls are intangible – not physically graspable, if you will. Souls are part of the life force or spark itself. Perhaps even vegetation has it own sort of soul – who knows? Let’s not close the door on any possibilities. All life is kin.” ~ Marc Bekoff




Encyclopedia of Animal Rights and Animal Welfare (Kindle Edition)

$64.32. Opening most appropriately with a foreword by Jane Goodall, this unique work offers about 170 essays by well-known names in the animal industry who represent many fields, among them psychology, philosophy, biology, ethology, sociology, anthropology, history, education, and law. The result is a welcome multidisciplinary approach that shows us the extensive roles nonhuman animals play in virtually all areas of our lives.


Animal Play: Evolutionary, Comparative and Ecological Perspectives (Paperback)

$55.00 plus shipping.  “The origins of vertebrate play are obscure, but more understanding of these origins would aid greatly in clarifying and evaluating hypotheses about pla…”


$9.99. Bekoff is an ethologist: a scientist who studies animal behavior. In this new look at the consciousness of animals, he shares his experiences along with the nitty-gritty details of how animal behaviorists make their living. But Bekoff goes beyond a mere description of the science of ethology. He also tackles bigger issues, such as the questions of animal cognition, intelligence, and their emotional lives. Chapters cover such broad topics as the richness of behavioral diversity, animal emotions, play and cooperation, and human intrusion into animals’ lives.


How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend: A Training Manual for Dog Owners (Kindle Edition)

$7.96. The Monks of New Skete have been raising and training dogs for over 30 years at their Cambridge, New York, monastery, and this volume-updated from the 1978 version-offers solid insights on dog training, behavior, grooming, feeding and a host of other topics.

Whether discussing country, city or suburban dogs, the monks dispense good advice on humane care, such as admonishing owners to avoid “canine incarceration,” i.e., leaving a dog confined alone for long periods of time. While the book does contain many useful, tried-and-true techniques for obedience-stay, heel, down-stay, recall and the like-its unique value lies in the monks’ insights and thoughts about the human-canine bond.



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