Adopt a Senior Pet—Enrich Your Life by Rescuing an Older Dog in November

Adopt a Senior Pet month is celebrated every November in the United States. It is a time when animal lovers open their homes to senior pets through adoption. Older pets can have special needs of some type. They require quality care, lots of patience, and a special kind of love. Professional options for adopting senior […]

Pets at Home – What Can Children Learn From Them?

Pets at home spending time with children. Who is teaching who, and who is learning what? Those  of us who have pets at home know what a joy it is to be a pet owner. It’s perfect for adults since animals can instantly lift our mood, making us feel childish and young at heart for a short time.

Unique Pet Shelter Developed in Doral, Florida

A unique pet shelter at $15 million dollars has been developed in Doral, Florida. Designed by the Miami-Dade Animal Services Pet Adoption and Protection Center, the unique pet shelter has set a new standard for animal rescue and pet care. The project was assisted by a grant from the ASPCA. According Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez, “The […]

Julie, the Loving American Eskimo

We are writing in celebration of our 13th year with our amazing Julie, a miniature American Eskimo, who we adopted from Nancy Houser when we were looking for an addition to our family after losing our previous American Eskimo of 17 years. We love the breed and we couldn’t have found a more loving and […]

How to Love Your Dog

As old as the hills is the saying, “To truly know what a dog is thinking, you would have to be a dog.” This in turn, reverts to Descarte’s quote, “I think, therefore I am.” However, crawling into a dog’s mind without actually turning into a dog is close to impossible. Until the discovery of the fMRI and the discovery that brains can be hardwired to project our thoughts onto other people, or “mentalizing,” which did not include the dog. Wrong.

Jerry Mathers and His Hero Dog Ron Ton Ton

As told by Jerry Mathers, the actor who played the Beaver in “Leave it to Beaver.” You can follow him on his blog at “What many people may not realize is that I have been a professional actor since I was 2 years old. And I didn’t get the part on Leave it to […]

6 Incredible Reasons to Get a Rescue Puppy

When you save a rescue puppy, you are saving its life. Many shelters have to put dogs to sleep because they can’t afford to keep them. When you decide to take a rescue animal home with you, you are giving it a second chance in life. Many rescue dogs used to have owners, but their owners treated them poorly or abandoned them. Pets deserve better than that. You have a chance to make a real difference to an animal’s life, and so you should take it.

A Rescued Dog, Boom Boom Bobby

Someone had started willy-nilly hacking the matts off along his back and head, and the rescued dog looked awful, as well as still having heavy, clumpy matts in the usual problematic places – under his ears, armpits, inner thighs and round the back end. He was happy to get out of the cage, had lots of energy, loved running up and down and, though he didn’t really mind me working around his ears and on his belly, was not amused at all when it came to his rear end.

Small Puppy Breeds That are Great With Children

How do you choose a puppy that is good for your children? It is a question every parent should ask before deciding to adopt one of the small puppy breeds for their child. Toy puppies can make great companions for kids if they are chosen properly, and the child is trained to handle small puppies properly.

My Rescue Dog Frida

My rescue dog Frida was brought in heavily pregnant and the shelter manager, amid protests from vets and staff, who wanted her to be allowed to have the pups, decided she should be spayed. No one expected her to survive, but she was still breathing in her cage after the surgery and that was when I first saw her.

A Dog Story: Aurora, Gone the Next Day ….

They said she was Twilight’s mother, and there was no doubt they were related because they both had a distinctive little patch of black round by the rump which stood out on Twilight’s dark grey and Aurora’s paler greyish white. She was certainly too big for the ‘little dog’ section and had been put in with a companion in a larger cage. At first she looked at me with dull eyes, and didn’t show much interest in coming outside at all, so I had to pull at her. Once out, everything frightened her, even the smallest of unexpected movements. I shuddered to think what she must have been through, and wondered how long it would take to gain her trust.

Saving Put-to-Sleep Murphy, the Schidzu Poodle

When I reached in to touch Murphy, a schidzu poodle, he jumped in surprise. I had the feeling that he had not been stroked for a very long time, if ever. He definitely didn’t have perfect vision, but once he regained his confidence he found his way around well enough, and his hearing kicked in as well. I think what happened was that when he arrived he was at a point where he had given up on life, and all his senses had dulled. Now they were all coming back to life, and it was great to watch.

Suzy, the Perfect Wire-Haired Terrier – a Dog Story

Suzy was bigger than the usual small dog, and almost filled the cage they put her in. Her coloring was black mixed with charcoal grey and she was a perfect, if large, wire-haired terrier, complete with side whiskers.

10 Shelter Cats and Shelter Dogs in Images

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, and nowhere is this more true than with our shelter cats and shelter dogs in images. Following this viewing, maybe it would be a good idea to go to your local shelter and visit, adopt or volunteer! Somebody needs you …

A Dog Story: Shelter Story about Donald

My shelter story began when Donald would not move when he was brought to the shelter. I would open the cage and look at him lying down, looking into space, gently rub his head and talk to him, and get no response. It happened one, two, three days, and on the fourth he slowly pulled himself to his feet and stepped out of the cage into my arms.

6 of the Best Dog Tips to Help Your New Dog Adjust

If a new dog does not adjust well in its new home, and is terribly unhappy, negative behaviors will develop. This may involve carrying a bowl of dog food throughout the house, spilling its water bowl, barking at teeny flies and cars going by, digging up imaginary flower beds in the living room, chewing up pillows and shoes, and finally … going into a depression.

Special Precautions on Adopting Military Working Dogs

Initially, the armed forces had the policy of killing military dogs after their service ran out. Since then, their position has changed. Citizen outrages have led to new laws that allowed dogs in the military to be adopted by the general public or their military owners.

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