Dog Fleas, Summer’s Obnoxious Freeloaders

Dog fleas, best known as summer’s little freeloaders, are the scourge of the dog world … in addition to spreading serious diseases. Their bite contains a certain type of saliva that dissolves the skin around the area, providing a tasty meal for the hungry parasite. To put it plainly, dog fleas are external parasites that live […]

Dog Fights: How to Handle Vicious Dog Battles

Dog fights can be deadly to everyone involved – animals or humans. Truth be known, dog owners may have multiple dogs at home who occasionally do not get along with one another. Also, your dog may encounter a vicious dog on the street as they are being walked. Knowing how to defuse and handle tense situations […]

My Rescue Dog Frida

My rescue dog Frida was brought in heavily pregnant and the shelter manager, amid protests from vets and staff, who wanted her to be allowed to have the pups, decided she should be spayed. No one expected her to survive, but she was still breathing in her cage after the surgery and that was when I first saw her.

A Dog Story: Aurora, Gone the Next Day ….

They said she was Twilight’s mother, and there was no doubt they were related because they both had a distinctive little patch of black round by the rump which stood out on Twilight’s dark grey and Aurora’s paler greyish white. She was certainly too big for the ‘little dog’ section and had been put in with a companion in a larger cage. At first she looked at me with dull eyes, and didn’t show much interest in coming outside at all, so I had to pull at her. Once out, everything frightened her, even the smallest of unexpected movements. I shuddered to think what she must have been through, and wondered how long it would take to gain her trust.

How to Handle Dog Abuse

How to handle dog abuse is a major concern of society. Animal abuse can be intentional, but in many cases it is caused by an owner who fails to take care of their animal properly out of ignorance. Neglect and abandonment are the most common forms of animal abuse in the United States.

A Dog Story: Shelter Story about Donald

My shelter story began when Donald would not move when he was brought to the shelter. I would open the cage and look at him lying down, looking into space, gently rub his head and talk to him, and get no response. It happened one, two, three days, and on the fourth he slowly pulled himself to his feet and stepped out of the cage into my arms.

Canadian Voice for Animals Foundation

The Canadian Voice for Animals Foundation’s unusual relationship with the law allows them to immediately step in and remove any abused animal from an abusive owner, especially an animal that is thought to be in danger. The actions of Argentina’s division of the  Canadian Voice for Animals Foundation has recently seized a 20-year-old horse named Emilia […]

Cons of Animal Testing

The cons of animal testing are quite compelling, with alternatives available that offer more reliable results without inflicting pain on defenseless animals. In fact, there is a high rate of failure when it comes to animal testing. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a report which stated that 92 percent of the drugs that passed the test on animals failed miserably when it came to humans.

Review: C.A. Wulff’s “Guide to Animal Advocacy”

A book written from the heart of an animal advocate, in the book C.A. Wulff quotes Mahatma Gandhi, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

A Dog Story: Vanilla

Vanilla had a home, of sorts, in a yard where she was thrown an occasional bone or maybe some leftovers. A friend of mine, an angel whose mission in life is to care for and nourish hungry dogs, had been feeding her for some time. One day she found her bleeding from wounds all over […]

A Dog Story: The Tragedy of Little Petra

Petra’s dog story began when she was surrendered by her owners and they realized how much her corrective surgery would cost. Petra had several large, angry-looking mammary tumors, and the surgery would have had to be very extensive.

A Dog Story: Lexie, a Little Lover

Lexie’s owner had brought her in, supposedly because she wasn’t eating. But she was painfully thin and generally in a disgusting state of neglect. She had several other physical problems as well, including severe burns to her back; when her eyes had been thoroughly cleaned out, ulcers were discovered on the corneas.

Injured Puppy Receives Prosthetic Paw

Hudson, a pit bull puppy, has recently been fitted with a prosthetic hind leg to replace the previous leg which he lost due to an abusive and neglectful owner. The owner is thought to have tried to nail all 3 of the puppies to the tracks but thankfully they broke free. Hudson had to have his paw amputated as it was reportedly injured so badly that it had a large hole in it.

Why Can’t Everyone JUST Get Along?

We are the sum of our life experiences, and the same can be said of dogs. Each dog has an individual personality and genetic make-up, giving multi-dog households the potential for clashes. Finding just the right combination of dog personalities to share your home can be challenging.

A Thanksgiving Gift for an Injured Dog

Ryan Frater is a young boy with a great love for animals. When a mother dog was killed on his school premises, he bottle fed the babies and kept one – Rocky, who is now 2 years old and his pride and joy. When the hurricane was coming, the landlady where he lives with his Mum refused to have the dog inside, so he took him to a relative for safety, but he was beaten and one back leg broken. It hangs sadly from his hip, needing surgery.

Pet Seat Belts – New Laws for Pets

Pet seat belts may soon become a law, making unrestrained animals illegal. Currently, this law is being debated in New Jersey. Grace Spencer, a Newark NJ Democrat Assemblywoman who wants to make seat belts mandatory for family pets, is receiving various forms of support from her constituents and fellow lawmakers, according to The New Jersey Star Ledger.

A Dog Story: Jerry and Kohl

JERRY He was a big, heavy, old guy with scars on his face and body that could have told many stories. I could see that he didn’t hear so well, and moved somewhat slowly, but the first time he fumbled his way to the front of the cage and responded to my tentative patting with […]

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