Cancer in Dogs – Early Treatment by Natural Primalix C-Care Helps Shrink Cancerous Tumors

Cancer in dogs is increasing in numbers across the United States. Statistics show that canine cancer is the #1 cause of death in dogs who are over two years of age. Fifty-percent of dogs over the age of 10 have a chance of developing cancer. Statistics show that one in two dogs will acquire cancer, and one in four dogs will die of cancer. In college statistics, I learned that numbers can be manipulated to mean anything the student wants, but these numbers are just plain scary.

Arthritis in Dogs – Primalix Arthridia and FlexaSure Combo

Learning how to recognize arthritis in dogs is important, not only to the owners but also for ailing dogs. Arthritis is abnormal changes in the joints, bringing about pain and discomfort, lameness, and restricted mobility … whether it is in humans or animals.

5 Pitbull Misconceptions – How Much Damage Are They Doing?

Pitbull misconceptions are destructive to the breed, leading us to one simple fact. Few dog breeds can stir up such intense feelings as that of Pitbulls. For most people, the American Pit Bull Terrier and related breeds are big, scary dogs that are aggressive and dangerous. Statistically, those who had a personal experience with an […]

Breeds of Bulldogs | America’s More Popular Breeds

Breeds of Bulldogs, or Bull breeds, are common throughout the United States. Perhaps it is their friendly disposition towards their owners that makes them so attractive or their photogenic looks.  It is therefore not surprising that people get enthusiastic whenever the topic of Bulldogs comes up. In fact, some feel it is the National Breed of […]

Bulldogs | Personality to a Fault

Bulldogs are a favorite British Isles breed of the nineteenth century, produced for blood sports. Over the years, it has risen above its somber reputation of earlier times. Today it has become one of the most highly recognized and adorable faces on the planet.

Yorkies, One of the Most Appreciated Dog Breeds

Dogs are excellent companions, with some breeds more appreciated than others. Such are the Yorkies, one of the most loved dog breeds in the United States. Considered a vigorous terrier breed, the little Yorkshire Terrier is also a delicate little dog that loves to be pampered and made-over.

Best Hunting Dogs – The Top 10

The best hunting dogs, top 10, are a hunter’s best friend. Not surprising, as dogs are man’s best friend. They provide companionship, security and above all, are a source of joy in our households. But hunting dogs will hunt with or without hunters.

Best Pit Bull Diet for Optimum Growth

The primary staple of the best pit bull diet for optimum growth is protein. This is because pit bulls are very playful and strong dogs, despite their fearsome reputation. Their strength and power are beyond question due to their relatively large muscle mass, as compared to other dog breeds.

Weimaraner, Perfect Dog for Bird Hunting

Weimaraners are known as “the dog with the human brain.” They are versatile dogs with sharp brains to hunt almost any bird. Their incredible noses, keen eyesight, high drive on game to help hunters locate, point and retrieve birds.

This hunting dog breed searches the field at a pace that’s comfortable to the hunter, making sure that its within sight of its master. They have a strong prey drive and might not be good with cats and other small animals. Also, they typically have a stronger protective instinct compared to other hunting dogs.

Popular Dog Breeds-Follow Your Heart

Popular dog breeds require a person who knows what he or she wants and is willing to do a little researching. In addition, follow your heart and let the dog help choose you. Research, and take a good look at each dog breed and compare them all to what you want and what you do not want. […]

Julie, the Loving American Eskimo

We are writing in celebration of our 13th year with our amazing Julie, a miniature American Eskimo, who we adopted from Nancy Houser when we were looking for an addition to our family after losing our previous American Eskimo of 17 years. We love the breed and we couldn’t have found a more loving and […]

Intelligence of Dog Breeds

The intelligence of dog breeds, simply stated as “dog intelligence,” is simple. It depends on the person who owns the breed of dog.  Experts say that dogs are not considered to be smart unless they perform functions that are useful to dog owners. Therefore, the intelligence of dog breeds has little to do with the dog. It is […]

Keeping Dogs Warm in Winter

Knowing how to keep dogs warm in winter requires more than common sense and lots of doggie care. But keeping an outside dog warm in winter is different than keeping an inside dog warm while they are outside outside or going for a quick when toileting outside or going for quick exercise walks. Kind of a tongue twister, isn’t it? Maybe it depends on whether you have teeth or not…or at least inside your mouth!

Great Breeds of Dogs – Four That You Will Fall in Love With

There are 4 great dog breeds that anyone can fall in love with. And when you welcome a new dog to join your family, your life changes in innumerable ways.

A Chihuahua Story – Learning to Love

Tiny little Liza was brought to our doorstep, a member of the toy breed whose dim eyes showed the world she had quit caring and had given up on herself. The breeder realized she would lose her if she did not bring her to us, as she had already lost two of Liza’s siblings. For that I am thankful as it was a love at first sight story.

How to Take Care of Australian Cattle Dogs

It is essential to provide training of the Australian cattle dog from the very beginning. Early training will help him to socialize with people around him. Most of the Australian cattle dogs are intelligent and learn things quickly. One needs to be firm, consistent while training and must provide with positive reinforcement methods while training like rewarding the pet with treats, and praise him while training.

5 of the Best Apartment Dogs That are Hypoallergenic

One of the top trending questions regarding dogs is …”What are the best apartment dogs available?” Add to that, the best apartment dogs that are hypoallergenic have become the epitome for many dog breeds, as many dog lovers with allergies live in apartments…

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