Our Way Cool Dog T-Shirt Store Is Here!

Update: All our dog t-shirt designs are available on Amazon now! We are adding new designs all the time so keep checking back! Most orders will qualify for Amazon Prime Free Shipping. —————- Yes, we have finally done it! You have been asking us for cool dog t-shirts for a long time and we have […]

Choosing the right LED dog collars

Whichever brand you choose, quality and durability should be at the forefront of your mind – you want your collar to last. Check specifications for things such as water resistance, fabric or material tenacity and quality, and any extra safety or quality certifications – plus practical elements such as adjustability.

Dog Accessories – STOP! Do Not Get a Dog Unless You Have These Accessories!

Dogs live anywhere from 10-15 years, so you will be living with your new addition for quite some time. This means you must be fully prepared with all of the right tools and dog accessories before you bring the little or big guy home. With the right dog accessories, they’ll be able to settle into their new environment nicely and bond with you effectively.

Tips on Winterizing Dog Paws

Winterizing dog paws are on the same level of care as clean water, healthy dog food and freedom from disease. Dog paws are the most vulnerable and exposed part of the dog’s body. What most dog owners do not realize is that the paw of the dog causes them the most damage. Darkening winter months […]

Winter Dog Fashions

Winter dog fashions are always in high demand as winter weather gets colder and the snow gets deeper. Not only because dogs need protection from the severe cold during the winter months, but also because all dogs deserve a quality winter dog outfit, chosen specifically from a huge variety of winter fashions for dogs.

Choosing a Dog Sweater – Tips to Ensure a Good Fit

Some people think that dressing a dog up in a dog sweater is just for vanity’s sake, but as the temperature starts to drop it can actually be a way to keep them safe and healthy. Whether or not your dog could benefit from wearing a dog sweater depends on the dog’s breed and the […]

5 Accessories to Give Your Dog a Designer Dog Look

It’s no secret that a certain kind of dog owner loves to indulge their four-legged companion with all the latest accessories for a designer dog look, whatever the price tag may be. These days, dog owners have a lot of choice when it comes to so-called ‘designer’ dog clothes, accessories and grooming products. Below you’ll […]

Dog Coats – What Makes Them “COOL”

Your pooch may not have much of a say on what they wear, but you know in your heart-of-hearts that they will want whatever clothing they do wear to be stylish, whether this is a cool designer dog collar, cool dog coats, or a stylish new dog lead. Much like human fashion, it can be […]

Does Swaddling Help Dog Anxiety?

How to calm your canine takes a few deep breathes on your part and a few tricks (if not treats). While a loving pat and stroke from the master is enough for some mutts, others can become severely hysterical and frantic during storms or other stressful situations. So, how do you help calm your pup […]

Q & A: Info on Canine Winter Coats w/attached Booties

From Marlene: “Do You Sell or Make Canine Winter Coats with Booties Attached?” Answer: We do not have any canine winter coats with booties attached, but I have been looking around for you to see what was available among the many dog clothes websites. Most dog boots have Velcro straps on them to hold them […]

Make a Large Dog Sweater

In northern parts, cooler fall and winter temperatures are on their way. Before we hit those subzero days and nights, consider making a large dog sweater for your short-coated dog. Buying a Sweater vs. Making One From Scratch If you have the means to buy a large dog sweater, there are many dog apparel outlets […]

Make Your Own Low or No Cost Dog Supplies

This is a guest article by Johanna Soliday. If you’d like to send an article for our dog blog, please view our guidelines here. In today’s economy, many people are having to budget their money more tightly. Consequently, you may feel you have to forgo some items for the family dog that were on your […]

The growing popularity of dyed dogs

Sales for pets in China have risen approximately 500% in the last ten years because of the latest craze of Chinese dog owners to dye their dogs to look like other animals – such as dying Chow Chow dogs to look like adorable black and white Pandas or dying Retrievers to look like a Tiger.  […]

Homemade cheap dog clothes

There seems to be two things going on right now with pets and pet clothes—little Princess Fuzziness is being dressed up like a kid and there is an economy slump going on, putting the skids on never having enough money. On top of it all, dog’s clothing is not cheap! So…this article is going to […]

Dog coat colors & dog coat terminology

Here is some information on dog coat terminology, focusing on the dog coat colors and the dog coat. A dog’s color is usually on the registration papers when it is purchased, but are filled out when the puppy is young. The colors and coats of dogs change as they mature, with a black or dark […]

Winter boots for dogs

When the search-and-rescue dogs recently arrived in Haiti to find live bodies buried beneath the earthquake rubble, a truckload of donated dog boots arrived soon afterwords to prevent the feet of the dogs from becoming tore up as they searched. But during the winter, the tender paws of all breeds and kinds of dogs are […]

FREE Dog Clothing Patterns for Winter

Dog owners have three choices to provide winter clothing for their pets: they can buy them online, but them at local pet stores, or they can make them at home by using FREE winter dog clothing patterns.

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