Best Dog Insurance for Sick Dogs

The best dog insurance reviews for sick dogs has shown that one dog insurance company stands out over the others, In fact, it has placed #1 in the years 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. The name of that company is Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation.

How to Look After Your Dog in an Emergency, Even If You Can’t Be with Him.

There are many parts of our lives where we take precautions or plan for things we genuinely don’t want or expect to happen. Insurance is one such example, where we pay premiums every month to cover our lives, our homes, our cars, our health and so on. We can even take out insurance for our […]

Affordable Pet Insurance-Preventing Unnecessary Euthanasia

It’s a sad day when a person has to euthanize their pet because they do not have affordable pet insurance, which makes the difference between paying a $100 vet bill or a $1,000 vet bill. Last year, pet owners spent about $14.3 billion on their pets. This year, medical bills for pets are estimated to be about $15.2 billion.

Injured Puppy Receives Prosthetic Paw

Hudson, a pit bull puppy, has recently been fitted with a prosthetic hind leg to replace the previous leg which he lost due to an abusive and neglectful owner. The owner is thought to have tried to nail all 3 of the puppies to the tracks but thankfully they broke free. Hudson had to have his paw amputated as it was reportedly injured so badly that it had a large hole in it.

Review: Pampered Pets on a Budget

We received a book in the mail by authors Jeffrey L. Barnes and Kristen M. Levine, titled “Pampered Pets on a Budget,” from Fetching Communications. A small book, it is chock full of all kinds of valuable insight that separates our pets’ nice-to-have items compared to their must-haves! The bottom line is that you do […]

Questions About Pet Health

Since starting Way Cool Dogs about two years ago this past March, we have been asked many questions about pet health and researched even more of the major pet health issues for Way Cool Dogs…cheap pet health insurance rates, pet insurance for older pets, best joint supplement pet health, and a pet health certificate for travel.

A Special Thank You to Our Way Cool Dogs Advertisers!

Way Cool Dogs is taking this moment to send out a personal Thank You to our wonderful sponsors! They help us keep dog stories alive, how-to-care for pets, general information, product reviews, guest posts, and much more for our readers. Please visit their websites in appreciation…

Assessing a Pet Insurance Policy before You Opt for It

The thought of insurance makes many frown. The reasons for this may be different – some do not like the idea of a mortality reminder, some just want to avoid the hassle, and some fear increase in expenses. However, insuring your pet’s health may prove to be a good idea, as you would realize whenever medical costs for your pet skyrockets.

How do you ensure that the policy of your choice is a good option? Here are a few pointers that could come in handy in this regard.

Insurance for Dogs – A Necessity in Today’s Society

Insurance for dogs … is fast becoming a necessity for dog owners, with dog insurance and problems going hand-in-hand in today’s society. When we think of dog insurance, what comes to mind are dog health issues—diabetes, excessive vomiting, Cushing’s disease, arthritis, liver problems, severe diarrhea, and emergency surgeries for our beloved pet. But there are […]

Pet Insurance — Various types of policies

Any medical cost that one needs to pay to save a pet’s life — like a medical diagnosis of the pet, annual check-ups, laboratory tests, vet clinic visit, x-ray, etc.– are part of the dog’s medical care.

The pet trust and pet will after the owner dies

A heartbreaking continuous concern for elderly pet owners is what will happen to their aging pet once they pass away, which is when a pet trust or pet will determines the future fate of the pet. This is because animals have long quit being just animals, but are now loving family members – especially for […]

Dog Insurance – Why It Is Important

As the owner of a perfectly healthy puppy or dog, you might wonder how important dog insurance really is when they have not been sick all year? Read on for the benefits of having pet insurance: Vet Fees The most obvious reason is that dog insurance will help you meet the cost of vet fees in […]

Dog Health Insurance – Routine Care Coverage For Dogs

Routine care coverage for dogs involve regular check-ups at least twice a year.  This type of care for dogs through the a lot of the majority of dog health insurance programs is typically not offered to policyholders, unless the company offers a special  “rider” or “add-on” at higher rates. Mandatory visits  to the vet include […]

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