Fleas and Ticks – 100% Natural Control Through TripleSure

A female flea can lay 20 eggs a day; half that number is females. Without a flea control treatment, by the end of two months, there will be approximately 20,000 fleas on your pet and in your home. And by using a natural and safe treatment like TripleSure, your home will become a pet utopia, instead of being smothered in deadly toxic chemicals.

Top Dog Toys Your Pet Must Have

… playtime is not the only thing that dog toys are good for. In many cases, they provide a sense of bonding, they can test the dog’s brain and most of all, they can provide them with plenty of exercises. These dog toys all do different things for the owner and the dog alike.

Happy Puppy Day! Celebrate With Your Puppy or Older Dog to Make This a Very Special Day

Do something special with your puppy. Go to the dog park and play with a brand new frisbee. Take a run in a new area. Get a new ball and play catch in the backyard. Give your dog a bath and a haircut for the summer. Get a new collar and leash …

American Pet Professionals | 8th Anniversary!!

What once started as a whim, American Pet Professionals celebrating its 8th Anniversary is significant news for all pet lovers and professionals. It is a way to bring together pet professionals from all areas of the industry. Dating back to February 24, 2009, it now has grown into a nationwide networking and educational organization for the pet industry, with members all across the country.

USDA Animal Records Eradicated, Green Lighting Puppy Mills

The Trump Administration has been challenged by HSUS for their secret mass removal of animal welfare records, previously listed on the Federal USDA website. Not only purging all animal welfare information from the public, it makes it easier for puppy mills, backyard breeders, and animal abusers to deceitfully operate and sell to pet stores and online buyers.

2017 Dog Holidays in the United States

Dog holidays 2017 in the United States usually means two things. It means vacations taken ‘with the family pet. Or it means special days, or dog holidays, that we can celebrate with our dog. This calls into mind dog-friendly lodging, dog parks, and/or dog-friendly amusement places. Unfortunately, many dog holidays sneak up on us. We […]

We are Celebrating 1,000 Articles on WayCoolDogs.com!

Celebrating 1000 dog articles on WayCoolDogs that were started seven years ago on March of 2016 was the beginning of a miracle. It was then we started our humble blog with a tremendous amount of love for all dogs,..

Man’s Best Friend – Infographic

  A dog is more than a cute face; he’s a loyal companion with a big personality. Our furry counterparts often reflect their owners. And no matter what, they’re always eager to please. The bond between dogs and man started about 15,000 years ago. Wolf pups were taken in and cared for. Ones with certain […]

Dogs of Fashion Who Love the Baltimore Orioles

Dogs of fashion who love the Baltimore Orioles are in dog heaven this year (along with their owners) with the Orioles hosting the Kansas City Royals in the opening of the league championship series. The winner will go to the World Series, the first time the Orioles have been this close in 31 years. There are […]

Measuring Canines and Childhood Cancer

A developing dog therapy study, Canines and Childhood Cancer, involves the fact that the National Cancer Institute annually diagnoses over 13,000 children with childhood cancer. Currently, it is listed as the leading cause of death from disease in childhood.  Part of this study involves a cute Pomeranian by the name of Swoosh, a 7-year therapy dog […]

Pit Bull Killed by LAPD Off-duty Officer as it Mauls a Child

According to Dogs Bite, “In the 9-year period from 2005 to 2013, pit bulls killed 176 Americans and accounted for 62% of the total recorded deaths (283). Combined, pit bulls and rottweilers accounted for 74% of these deaths.”

Florida’s Broward College Prepares For Pet De-Stress Day

Teaming up on Monday, April 21, 2014, for Pet De-Stress Day will be volunteer shelter dogs and exhausted college students, seriously stressed from finals week. Partnering will be the Broward College of Fort Lauderdale, FL, and the Florida Humane Society (FHS).

Happy 2014 from WayCoolDogs!!

It is the beginning of 2014, foreseen by many as the year of goodness in the Year of the Wooden Horse. It is also predicted by Sidney Friedman the year for a major water pipeline, not oil. Additionally, he predicts a vital collaboration between the United States and China, regarding energy and assistance for developing countries!

Dog Treatments Used During the 1800s

Sanitation in the Old West from 1850 to 1900 was nonexistent to crude. Men and animals toileted in streets, while garbage disposal was not heard of in the early 19th century. The odor of outdoor toilets hung thick in the air, with flies laying eggs around them and piles of horses manure piled behind horses tied in front of saloons and public buildings.

Dog Grooming in Austin Requires Experienced Trainers

If you are a dog owner who lives in Austin, Texas, dog grooming in Austin requires experienced trainers. You have to think for your dog’s good health, and about its nice and healthy life style. For this purpose you have to take a lot of care for your loving pet. But if you have not […]

Muddy Paws Fans Spend More on Their Dog Than Their Partner at Christmas!

Lots of people consider their dog to be part of the family, and Muddypaws.co.uk recently carried out a survey which found dogs to be very high up the pecking order in households this Christmas. They surveyed their Facebook fans and email subscribers and found that nearly 1 in 5 spend more on their dog than […]

Five Top-Notch Dog Products on the Market

Dog products seem to never be in short supply. The market spans from dog products that are incredibly useful and innovative to things that are arguably more for an owner’s pleasure (Pup-casso art kit, anyone?). Web searches for “useful pet products” are as likely to yield dog bowties as they are new dog vaccines. I’ve […]

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