Emotional Support Dogs – Registering Your Dog as an Emotional Support Dog

Emotional support dogs are an increasingly common addition to homes. Whether they help calm a child with autism or keep a heavily depressed person from harming herself or himself, animal companions can be of great medical importance. If your pet helps you get through the day for one reason or another, you may be able to register them as emotional support dogs.

Dog Body Language-10 Signs What Your Dog Is Telling You That Is Important

In dog body language, it communicates a lot to humans. But in humans, their body language comprises more than half of our overall communication. Without words or tone to support them, dogs rely on their physicality alone to express themselves.

Sit-Stay Command | Training to Walk Your Dog

Using the sit-stay command when training to walk your dog requires a calm balance; the most important thing you can do before you ever pick up a leash to take your dog for a walk is to check yourself over emotionally. If you are upset, angry, frustrated or anxious, your walk will not be fun for either of you. Dogs mirror our state of mind, and anything that is not calm and assertive is counter-productive to training. It is better to put off walking your dog until you have entered a calm and balanced state of mind.

2017 Dog Holidays in the United States

Dog holidays 2017 in the United States usually means two things. It means vacations taken ‘with the family pet. Or it means special days, or dog holidays, that we can celebrate with our dog. This calls into mind dog-friendly lodging, dog parks, and/or dog-friendly amusement places. Unfortunately, many dog holidays sneak up on us. We […]

Best Hunting Dogs – The Top 10

The best hunting dogs, top 10, are a hunter’s best friend. Not surprising, as dogs are man’s best friend. They provide companionship, security and above all, are a source of joy in our households. But hunting dogs will hunt with or without hunters.

Weimaraner, Perfect Dog for Bird Hunting

Weimaraners are known as “the dog with the human brain.” They are versatile dogs with sharp brains to hunt almost any bird. Their incredible noses, keen eyesight, high drive on game to help hunters locate, point and retrieve birds.

This hunting dog breed searches the field at a pace that’s comfortable to the hunter, making sure that its within sight of its master. They have a strong prey drive and might not be good with cats and other small animals. Also, they typically have a stronger protective instinct compared to other hunting dogs.

Dog Training Rules Can Make Good Dog Owners

Dog training rules can make good dog owners, or at least makes them look pretty good on the outside. A lot of sweat and hard work goes into training a dog, or any animal for that matter. But if that same dog was untrained, it would have a higher chance of ending up in a shelter […]

House-Training Indoor Puppies

House-training indoor puppies may have had you at hello, but once you get your new roommate home, it’s toilet-training time! This is a process that will require diligence and close attention to your new puppy. House training indoor puppies in a proper manner can offer you a sense of accomplishment. It also helps you keep your sanity as you and your new puppy learn to adjust to each other.

Intelligence of Dog Breeds

The intelligence of dog breeds, simply stated as “dog intelligence,” is simple. It depends on the person who owns the breed of dog.  Experts say that dogs are not considered to be smart unless they perform functions that are useful to dog owners. Therefore, the intelligence of dog breeds has little to do with the dog. It is […]

Dog Training Using Intelligent Methods

Dog training using intelligent methods is new … slowly changing … yet with excellent results. Died-in-the-wool dog training methods do not work as well.  “New science reveals the multiple intelligences of mankind’s best friend,” says Scientific American.  Research has discovered that dogs have an exceptional ability to read communicative gestures in their owners or trainers. These new methods […]

Dog Fights: How to Handle Vicious Dog Battles

Dog fights can be deadly to everyone involved – animals or humans. Truth be known, dog owners may have multiple dogs at home who occasionally do not get along with one another. Also, your dog may encounter a vicious dog on the street as they are being walked. Knowing how to defuse and handle tense situations […]

How to Love Your Dog

As old as the hills is the saying, “To truly know what a dog is thinking, you would have to be a dog.” This in turn, reverts to Descarte’s quote, “I think, therefore I am.” However, crawling into a dog’s mind without actually turning into a dog is close to impossible. Until the discovery of the fMRI and the discovery that brains can be hardwired to project our thoughts onto other people, or “mentalizing,” which did not include the dog. Wrong.

How to Take Care of Australian Cattle Dogs

It is essential to provide training of the Australian cattle dog from the very beginning. Early training will help him to socialize with people around him. Most of the Australian cattle dogs are intelligent and learn things quickly. One needs to be firm, consistent while training and must provide with positive reinforcement methods while training like rewarding the pet with treats, and praise him while training.

5 Ways to Welcome New Puppies Home

Purchases and adoptions of new puppies that are not considered carefully can be unfair and problematic for both you and your pup. Before you acquire a puppy, it is important to think carefully whether you are a match made in heaven or hell. To help you make the right decision, here five things you should […]

Puppy Aggression: Taming the Wild One!

Puppy aggression is miles away from your thoughts when you first bring that new puppy home. New puppies are always a joyous occasion … that special smell of their warm puppy breath, the gentle feel of their soft downy coat, or even the cute chubbiness of their butterball bellies. There is nothing more precious in the world, is there?

Puppy Behavior Resulting from a Well-Trained Puppy

Behavior from a well-trained puppy It is always an exciting moment when you bring a new puppy into your home for the very first time. Everyone is soooooo excited! However, this excitement can sometimes wear off quickly when you start to realize how much training you have to do in order to have a well-trained puppy to […]

Mountain Dog Training

Mountain dog training involves trainers who practice a positive yet firm reinforcement for both the dog and the owner. A trainer in this field is patient and knowledgable of not only dogs in general but the breed of dog in question.

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