Illustrated Children’s Book, “Monday at Jelly Roll Dog Park”

An illustrated children’s book, “Monday at Jelly Roll Dog Park,” written by Jennifer Schreiber, deals with anti-bullying concepts … using a dog theme to help children better understand. The first book in a children’s anti-bullying series, “Monday at Jelly Roll Dog Park” is about purebred dogs who are bullies, turning up their noses at a […]

Puppy Treads – A Review for You and Your Puppy


Puppy Treads have a special for our WayCoolDog readers. There is a discount code to send with the order — BLOG2015 — for a 10% discount.

NuVet Labs Review: Products for Elderly Dogs

uVet Labs Review from WayCoolDogs will show that if an elderly dog cannot stand on its own when it comes to pain, dry skin conditions, arthritis, inflammatory joints and difficulty in walking or moving around…their products can improve on the dog’s health. Without added help, there will be a developing and painful slow decline in their daily functions, while most elderly dog owners do not even recognizing what is going on. As most of our dogs are elderly, we are not one of those owners.

Review: C.A. Wulff’s “Guide to Animal Advocacy”

A book written from the heart of an animal advocate, in the book C.A. Wulff quotes Mahatma Gandhi, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

How Well Do You Know Your Pet Dog?

…. having a pet dog does not mean a dog owner knows a lot about dogs. Print out the game below and see how much you know about pet dogs. What two breeds are the most intelligent or least intelligent? What fruits are poisonous to dogs?

Hill’s Pet Nutrition – How Pets Will Benefit

Pets require a good balance of pet-based nutrients, such as Hill’s Pet Nutrition foods.   With quality pets foods, just like people, cats and dogs need different nutrition at different times of their lives. When they are young, as kittens and puppies they need the correct type of nutrients that will help their bones grow healthily and […]

Book Review: Circling the Waggins by C.A. Wulff

When we received the book, Circling the Waggins by C.A.Wulff, little did we know that we would be looking at the mirror image of WayCoolDogs. Rescuing dogs, for various reasons, forces an entire household into a 24X7 schedule, with the dogs’ needs over human needs … easily seen in the book, Circling the Waggins.  The […]

Dogs Dancing Like Pudsey From Britain’s Got Talent

Anyone who has been watching TV over the last six months would have seen a show dog called Pudsey on Britain’s got talent. This show is sold all over the world and each country has their own version. The dog won the competition and has gone stateside to repeat its success over there. Whether you are based in Europe, America, or Asia there is no difference in the enthusiasm for a dog that can dance like Pudsey.

Review: “Ready to Bake” Cookies for Dogs

We received two boxes of Freshpet Dog Joy “Ready to Bake” dog cookies for dogs by Freshpet as samples to review for our customers.  They arrived in a very short time, packed in one of the cutest reusable bags I have every seen.  Peanut Butter & Oatmeal Recipe and Oatmeal & Cranberry Recipe were the […]

Book Review: Born Without a Tail

This book took me into another world. I am a dog lover and dog author of children’s books. I know dogs and consider them to be wonderful. However, I had no idea, until I read this book, of the extraordinary world of living with multiple dogs, dogs who needed a home, dogs who had been […]

Review: Pampered Pets on a Budget

We received a book in the mail by authors Jeffrey L. Barnes and Kristen M. Levine, titled “Pampered Pets on a Budget,” from Fetching Communications. A small book, it is chock full of all kinds of valuable insight that separates our pets’ nice-to-have items compared to their must-haves! The bottom line is that you do […]

Product Review: Healthy Digestion for Dogs

Most pet owners do not realize how important the digestive system is and what it is all about. Dull coats, lots of fleas or mites, vomiting, bowel problems and lack of appetite are all signs of bowel issues or digestive problems. By maintaining the digestive system before problems occur will add years and health to an old dog’s life and keep a young puppy happier longer.

Product Review: Triple Sure Natural Flea & Tick Spray

Bear was one day from being put down when we rescued him, love at first sight for me —- simple-minded with a crooked jaw and crooked teeth! Every summer is a nightmare for this ol’ guy. His fur is thin and his skin is supersensative, so the flies and ticks go after him like open-hunting until he is nothing but open sores everywhere. But after using Triple Sure, it is like having a protective guard around him at all times!

The Best Heartworm Preventive for Dogs

Hands down, the worse and most irritating worries for dog owners are ticks, fleas and heartworms – for humans and dogs alike. Using the best heartworm preventive for dogs is especially important if the dog travels with its owner or lives in an area where heartworms are prevalent.

Review: Out! LED Flashlight Dispenser

The OUT! LED Flashlight with pick-up bags is perfect for going out during the night and when the winter sun begins to go down early in the evenings. Not all dogs need to toilet outside during the day when it is light out. Many dog owners enjoy that last walk of the day right before bed with their dog, as part of the dog-human bonding experience. Others have elderly dogs who need to go out every couple of hours — day or night.

Dog in Yard Signs Are a Practical Priority

One day as I sat at my desk and looked outside, I saw my dog playing fetch, but I was the only family member home. Who was playing fetch with the dog? I left my office and headed to the yard. It turns out the dog’s playmate was a meter reader for the electric company. […]

Pedigree Foundation Increases Dog Adoptions

In 2006, the PEDIGREE® Brand started the PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive and in 2008, forming its own foundation. The PEDIGREE Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity helps unwanted dogs to find a loving home by helping shelters and breed rescue organizations in the United States. Since then, the organization has awarded $2 million dollars to non-profit dog organizations […]

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