Human Vitamins and Supplements for Dogs – How Safe Are They?

Human vitamins and supplements for dogs. Hmmm…sounds rather contradictory, doesn’t it? But as time marches on, dog experts and veterinarians are accepting this unique relationship between humans and dogs. They also make it a priority to point out issues with toxicity if not handled properly.

How to Love Your Dog

As old as the hills is the saying, “To truly know what a dog is thinking, you would have to be a dog.” This in turn, reverts to Descarte’s quote, “I think, therefore I am.” However, crawling into a dog’s mind without actually turning into a dog is close to impossible. Until the discovery of the fMRI and the discovery that brains can be hardwired to project our thoughts onto other people, or “mentalizing,” which did not include the dog. Wrong.

How to Care for a Newborn Orphan Puppy

Rearing of a newborn orphan puppy undoubtedly requires a lot of planned care and can be quite daunting sometimes, but all worth it in the end. Usually, caring for newborn orphan puppies involve taking care of their sanitation, disease prevention, diet and nurturing. In this article we will run through each of these aspects in detail. […]

Neurotic Dogs and Psychotic Cats

I have always considered dogs easy to train and work with. This went totally out the window this winter when the stray cats arrived, beginning with the opinion of the feline mass that I was an old woman who severly lacked in intelligence.

6 Incredible Reasons to Get a Rescue Puppy

When you save a rescue puppy, you are saving its life. Many shelters have to put dogs to sleep because they can’t afford to keep them. When you decide to take a rescue animal home with you, you are giving it a second chance in life. Many rescue dogs used to have owners, but their owners treated them poorly or abandoned them. Pets deserve better than that. You have a chance to make a real difference to an animal’s life, and so you should take it.

A Rescued Dog, Boom Boom Bobby

Someone had started willy-nilly hacking the matts off along his back and head, and the rescued dog looked awful, as well as still having heavy, clumpy matts in the usual problematic places – under his ears, armpits, inner thighs and round the back end. He was happy to get out of the cage, had lots of energy, loved running up and down and, though he didn’t really mind me working around his ears and on his belly, was not amused at all when it came to his rear end.

A Dog Story: Aurora, Gone the Next Day ….

They said she was Twilight’s mother, and there was no doubt they were related because they both had a distinctive little patch of black round by the rump which stood out on Twilight’s dark grey and Aurora’s paler greyish white. She was certainly too big for the ‘little dog’ section and had been put in with a companion in a larger cage. At first she looked at me with dull eyes, and didn’t show much interest in coming outside at all, so I had to pull at her. Once out, everything frightened her, even the smallest of unexpected movements. I shuddered to think what she must have been through, and wondered how long it would take to gain her trust.

Homeless Dogs Fed by Machine-Donated Plastic Bottles

Homeless dogs and cats are fed by machine-donated plastic bottles in newly designed vending machines. Istanbul’s new donating animal vending machines, called the “Smart Recycling Boxes,” dispenses pet food to hungry homeless animals every time a person drops in a recyclable plastic bottle. They are referred to as a public recycling bin for dogs and […]

Suzy, the Perfect Wire-Haired Terrier – a Dog Story

Suzy was bigger than the usual small dog, and almost filled the cage they put her in. Her coloring was black mixed with charcoal grey and she was a perfect, if large, wire-haired terrier, complete with side whiskers.

10 Shelter Cats and Shelter Dogs in Images

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, and nowhere is this more true than with our shelter cats and shelter dogs in images. Following this viewing, maybe it would be a good idea to go to your local shelter and visit, adopt or volunteer! Somebody needs you …

An Understanding of Picky Dogs Who Cannot Eat

For those of us who do not have an eating disorder or are considered picky eaters, we know by experience that something that tasted good yesterday may taste absolutely crappy today, while other times feelings of depression or too much stress can take away the appetite, or maybe there is honestly no appetite at the moment. But what many dog owners do not understand is that a picky dog who cannot eat may be having some psychological issues going on, issues that can affect a dog’s appetite and eating habits.

A Dog Story: Shelter Story about Donald

My shelter story began when Donald would not move when he was brought to the shelter. I would open the cage and look at him lying down, looking into space, gently rub his head and talk to him, and get no response. It happened one, two, three days, and on the fourth he slowly pulled himself to his feet and stepped out of the cage into my arms.

6 Reasons Why You Should Adopt from a Dog Pound

You should adopt from a dog pound — whether it is a nearby dog shelter or your local pound — as it is one of the best ways to acquire a new and loyal companion.

A Dog Story – Zena, a Shitzu Poodle

Cindi Scholefield’s dog story this week is about Zena, a Shitzu Poodle. It starts out with adorable Zena who had been given up for adoption, and I could not understand why because she had the most easy-going personality. She would raise herself up on her back legs when I came near, wanting to come out, […]

A Dog Story: Beautiful Lovable Woolsey

In his cage he looked like a small, black, badly overgrown sheep, his fur was so thick and tangled and woolly … the beginning of a beautiful dog story. Two very bright and sharp eyes peered out from the depths of the undergrowth, and they were interested in everything. I had no choice but to call him Woolsey.

Preventing Lost and Stolen Dogs

A growing issue among dog owners is lost and stolen dogs. Each year, the number of these dogs increase, and that does not account for disaster situations. This is possibly due to the fact that many dogs have a financial value that money-minded thieves use to their benefit. Unfortunately, this money value never makes up […]

Canadian Voice for Animals Foundation

The Canadian Voice for Animals Foundation’s unusual relationship with the law allows them to immediately step in and remove any abused animal from an abusive owner, especially an animal that is thought to be in danger. The actions of Argentina’s division of the  Canadian Voice for Animals Foundation has recently seized a 20-year-old horse named Emilia […]

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