How to Care for Dogs With Disabilities

If you are one of those people who love their dogs just like any other family member and would do anything necessary to make sure that the life of your paralyzed canine friend is much easier and happier, read on to find out how you can do you may need to increase the number of baths to make sure that he is as clean as possible. Use baby wipes to clean the skin after urination, using very gentle motions.

Our Way Cool Dog T-Shirts Are Here!

Yes, we have finally done it! You have been asking us for cool dog t-shirts for a long time and we have obliged! Select from lots of different designs in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes! Each design is available in a variety of colors. And because creating these designs was so much fun, we are […]

WayCoolDogs Frozen Holidays

WayCoolDogs frozen holidays is how we spent Christmas and New Years Day. Spending the holidays without electricity, with minus degree weather, and with high winds is not fun. It’s even less fun with two old ladies and a rescue center for elderly dogs who feel the cold more than usual due to their age. Was […]

The Double Whammy of Death and Guilt When A Dog Dies

Have you heard of the five stages of grief that you go through when you lose a loved one? Supposedly, they are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. That said, though, I don’t believe that everyone grieves in the same way, and I don’t give a whole lot of credence to the five stages. I […]

Unique Pet Shelter Developed in Doral, Florida

A unique pet shelter at $15 million dollars has been developed in Doral, Florida. Designed by the Miami-Dade Animal Services Pet Adoption and Protection Center, the unique pet shelter has set a new standard for animal rescue and pet care. The project was assisted by a grant from the ASPCA. According Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez, “The […]

6 of the Best Animal Movies to Watch

When watching the best animal movies with your cute fuzzy buddy, bring out your hankies. You’re going to need them when watching classical animal movies or some of the newer animal ones. Few films tug at your heart as much as movies with animals as the primary stars. Lassie Come Home Lassie Come Home, set […]

Pets are Forever… or They Should Be! The Story of Buddy, the Black Lab

Buddy is a 12 year old black lab that was adopted at 8 weeks old from the Humane Society where I am the volunteer photographer. In January 2016, his owner came in and signed him back over to us, for unknown reasons. He was very thin and obviously needed medical attention immediately.     He […]

We are Celebrating 1,000 Articles on!

Celebrating 1000 dog articles on WayCoolDogs that were started seven years ago on March of 2016 was the beginning of a miracle. It was then we started our humble blog with a tremendous amount of love for all dogs,..

Jerry Mathers and His Hero Dog Ron Ton Ton

As told by Jerry Mathers, the actor who played the Beaver in “Leave it to Beaver.” You can follow him on his blog at “What many people may not realize is that I have been a professional actor since I was 2 years old. And I didn’t get the part on Leave it to […]

Illustrated Children’s Book, “Monday at Jelly Roll Dog Park”

An illustrated children’s book, “Monday at Jelly Roll Dog Park,” written by Jennifer Schreiber, deals with anti-bullying concepts … using a dog theme to help children better understand. The first book in a children’s anti-bullying series, “Monday at Jelly Roll Dog Park” is about purebred dogs who are bullies, turning up their noses at a […]

Oscar, age 17, visits WayCoolDogs

The other day when I was browsing some of our Twitter friends, I ran across a selfie of the beautiful 17-year-old Oscar, a beautiful elderly dog who owns his mistress, Annalisa Del Carro. When I contacted her about adding his picture to the blog, Oscar was tickled!

Neurotic Dogs and Psychotic Cats

I have always considered dogs easy to train and work with. This went totally out the window this winter when the stray cats arrived, beginning with the opinion of the feline mass that I was an old woman who severly lacked in intelligence.

My Rescue Dog Frida

My rescue dog Frida was brought in heavily pregnant and the shelter manager, amid protests from vets and staff, who wanted her to be allowed to have the pups, decided she should be spayed. No one expected her to survive, but she was still breathing in her cage after the surgery and that was when I first saw her.

A Dog Story: Aurora, Gone the Next Day ….

They said she was Twilight’s mother, and there was no doubt they were related because they both had a distinctive little patch of black round by the rump which stood out on Twilight’s dark grey and Aurora’s paler greyish white. She was certainly too big for the ‘little dog’ section and had been put in with a companion in a larger cage. At first she looked at me with dull eyes, and didn’t show much interest in coming outside at all, so I had to pull at her. Once out, everything frightened her, even the smallest of unexpected movements. I shuddered to think what she must have been through, and wondered how long it would take to gain her trust.

Reasons Why I Love My Dog

There are many reasons why I love my dog, starting with the massive amounts of unconditional love my dog has for me. In fact, unconditional love is a key word in every relationship, whether it involves your partner or your pet. I went out and did a little researching on dog love,, while listing reasons […]

The Night the Tornadoes Hit Us

When natural catastrophes like the June 2014 tornadoes hit Central Nebraska, it scattered hundred-year-old trees, bushes, flowers, wire fencing, igloo dog houses and sheds full of prairie hay deep upon frightened dogs and two terrified elderly women,  it seemed hard to believe it had  happened to us. When we looked outside our front door, it […]

A Dog Story: Speed Demon Magnus

He was not a small dog, nor was he about to keep still for long, so I hastily made my way out of the kennels, to the car park, where I could set him down. There, he darted about at such a speed it made me dizzy. A couple of times he spun round twice, and looked as if he were about to drop a little load, but then he seemed to think it wasn’t happening fast enough, and with a leap forward he would be off again!

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