Tips for Moving House with Your Dog

Moving house is said to be one of the most stressful situations any of us will ever go through. But if its stressful for you, just imagine how it feels for your dog. After all, everything they know and love just changed apart from you. The world is full of new sites, sounds and smells, […]

Dog Travel Tips from Us and Our Dog, Dixy

I love to travel, especially when I bring my wife and my beautiful dog, Dixy, with me. Traveling with our dog was overwhelming at first, but we got through a few rough patches and now it is my favorite way to see the country… especially after we have formed excellent dog travel tips for her safety […]

Dog Friendly Cars for Dog Owners

Looking for dog friendly cars in the car industry is maybe the last thing on the average dog owner’s mind. But according to the Humane Society, 78.2 million people are dog owners in the United States. This makes the development of dog friendly cars in the United States a huge demand for dog owners who are interested in their pet’s comfort and safety.

Doggie Day Care – 5 Ways to Protect Your Puppy When Away From Home

A doggie day care is important if you are expecting to travel soon and have to leave town for a couple of days or possibly longer. If you are worried about your defenseless puppy and how he/she will get by without your personal care and attention, there are several ways you can guarantee your beloved pet will be safe and sound.

Crate Training – Is It Right For Your Dog?

Crate training is a method of disciplining your dog that has gained a great deal of controversy in terms of efficacy. Some people view a crate as a jail, or cage, for a pet, and think that it is inhumane to lock them up away from other people or particular areas of the home. However, […]

Giardiasis – Parasitic Diarrhea in Dogs, Cats and Humans

The microscopic parasites known as Giardiasis are the most common intestinal parasites to be found in humans, dogs and cats. A protozoan parasite infection, it is the cause of a very serious diarrheal illness in the intestinal areas, known to be highly contagious but not lethal. However,  it is a parasite that can be transferred across […]

Dog Vacation – 5 Fun Tips to Pamper Your Dog

Today’s popular dog vacation has never been more available at a better time. Current pet accommodations allow the dog or most pets to have their own fun-time when their owners vacation, allowing for a fun-filled vacation for both pets and their owners, especially when your vacation can easily coincide with your dog’s most happy dog […]

Car Safety for Dogs

Years ago, I remember how people used to travel with their dogs. Basically just have them jump in the back of a pick up truck or rolling and playing around in the car with the kids. This was long before anyone had ever heard of a car seat for children and seatbelts. If your car […]

Traveling Pets – How to Keep Them Happy

As traveling pets, our beloved canine and feline companions are not the greatest travelers. While they love to accompany us on any journey we take, the going can get tough along the way. Cats and dogs are prone to stress when their regular routines are interrupted and when subjected to the trials of air or […]

Check Out These Dog Surfing Destinations

Dog surfing destinations are becoming extremely popular. In North America, 72 million households own dogs, and 16 million dog owners travel with their pets. If you’re a dog lover, then you’ve probably seen your canine pals perform a lot of different tricks. However, there’s a good chance that you have probably never seen a surfing […]

Dog Friendly Summer Outings

Summer is right around the corner, and dog owners are looking for ways to find dog friendly summer outings that will warmly welcome their dogs as guests. Here are a few tips on what to pack and what to ask for dog accommodations!

Traveling-Pet-Dogs – Five Easy Top Tips

Traveling-pet-dogs is easy if you know just what to look for. There are a number of airlines and hotels that cater to tourists with traveling-pet-dogs. Numerous hotels provide everything from dog bowls to dog-parks and so many of the airlines have adopted a pet friendly policy.

How to Travel With Pets Without Going Crazy

So you’re going on a trip by plane, train, or automobile. Motorcycle maybe? Or boat? Moped? Zip line? Whatever vessel of transportation you choose, if you have a pet and can’t stand to be apart from the furry little guy, you know that traveling can become a little chaotic. Here’s a tip: it does not […]

Pet Seat Belts – New Laws for Pets

Pet seat belts may soon become a law, making unrestrained animals illegal. Currently, this law is being debated in New Jersey. Grace Spencer, a Newark NJ Democrat Assemblywoman who wants to make seat belts mandatory for family pets, is receiving various forms of support from her constituents and fellow lawmakers, according to The New Jersey Star Ledger.

Animal Volunteer Work Abroad

Animal volunteer work abroad involves taking care of animals and protecting their environment, a very satisfying way to spend your time. Many companies can help organize a volunteering trip for you and it is sure to be a very satisfying and productive time away.

Bed Bug Dog Inspection

One of the most festive long-distance travelers on Thanksgiving Day is the little bed bug, furtively accompanying holiday travelers while hidden inside overly loaded luggage and small bags. It’s pretty tough to actually see bed bugs, as they are small in size—3/16-inch or about the size of an apple seed. Indistinguishable to the human eye, […]

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