Emotional Support Dogs – Registering Your Dog as an Emotional Support Dog

Emotional support dogs are an increasingly common addition to homes. Whether they help calm a child with autism or keep a heavily depressed person from harming herself or himself, animal companions can be of great medical importance. If your pet helps you get through the day for one reason or another, you may be able to register them as emotional support dogs.

Cancer in Dogs – Early Treatment by Natural Primalix C-Care Helps Shrink Cancerous Tumors

Cancer in dogs is increasing in numbers across the United States. Statistics show that canine cancer is the #1 cause of death in dogs who are over two years of age. Fifty-percent of dogs over the age of 10 have a chance of developing cancer. Statistics show that one in two dogs will acquire cancer, and one in four dogs will die of cancer. In college statistics, I learned that numbers can be manipulated to mean anything the student wants, but these numbers are just plain scary.

Arthritis in Dogs – Primalix Arthridia and FlexaSure Combo

Learning how to recognize arthritis in dogs is important, not only to the owners but also for ailing dogs. Arthritis is abnormal changes in the joints, bringing about pain and discomfort, lameness, and restricted mobility … whether it is in humans or animals.

Why Owning a Dog Can Make You a Better Parent

If you are planning to start a family, remember that first owning a dog can make you a better parent later on … an invaluable experience!

Cedar Chips and Fleas – Non-Toxic Insect Repellant for Fleas? (Revised)

Using cedar chips or mulch in the garden area may cause breathing difficulties in you and your dog, especially if the dog is older or very sick. OSHA has found that the fumes in cedar affect organs: blood, bone marrow, central nervous system, eyes, respiratory system, skin, liver, and kidneys. So consider carefully before using them around your dog.

CCD in Dogs – Chromosome 34 Points to People with OCD

Located in Medford, Mass., the research was led by veterinarian investigators and investigators associated with human medicine. They identified canine genetic pathways in Doberman Pinschers. The importance of this discovery is that it may lead to better therapies for human OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder, along with better medical and psychological treatments.

Unexpected Health Hazards for Your Dog

Handling unexpected health hazards for your dog makes you into  a responsible dog owner. The easy stuff is ….. You buy your dog the best food you can afford You make sure they get adequate exercise You bathe and groom your dog Even though all these dog care measures are commendable, there is a lot […]

Dog Intelligence – Citizen Scientists Helping Dog Studies

There are several types of dog intelligence that have a basic process. To explain this further, we are focusing on the latest dog study on canine cognitive abilities, compiled by scientists and dog owners alike. The study is called, “Citizen Science as a New Tool in Dog Cognition Research.”

Citizen scientists, such as the average dog owner who lives next door or an elderly lady who moved in down the street, can evaluate the quality of dog intelligence ….

How to Care for a Newborn Orphan Puppy

Rearing of a newborn orphan puppy undoubtedly requires a lot of planned care and can be quite daunting sometimes, but all worth it in the end. Usually, caring for newborn orphan puppies involve taking care of their sanitation, disease prevention, diet and nurturing. In this article we will run through each of these aspects in detail. […]

How to Recognize the Benefits of the Dog-Human Relationship

How to recognize the benefits of the dog-human relationship offers-up more and more information on how to make humans healthier. The following infographic shows what areas are involved in this bonding relationship between dogs and humans (cancer, lower blood sugar, reduce anxiety, etc.).

Puppy Problems? Get Your New Puppy Under Control

When you bring a new puppy into your home, puppy problems can develop unless you take action and begin training your fuzzy bundle of joy. This is because the first few months of a young puppy’s life are vital. It is a fun time, and a special time, but it is a time when your puppy will be learning all kinds of things that form its personality as an adult dog.

Simple Ways to Test Dog Intelligence

Given the right training and encouragement, any dog with various levels of dog intelligence can be taught ‘new tricks’ and learn to improve their logic. So, if you want to test whether your dog might be the Albert Einstein of the canine world or an average dog with average dog intelligence, just follow our simple techniques below.

The Pros And Cons Of Owning A Dog In Modern Times

Man’s best friends will be around forever; there is no doubt about that. Most households own a dog at some point and few live to regret it. Dogs play an important role in family life and owning them is usually a rewarding experience that the family repeats once their existing pet passes away. If you […]

Earth’s Magnetic Field, Outdoor Toilet for Dogs

According to PBS, a two-year study of 70 dogs and 37 breeds was recently published in the journal, “Frontiers of Zoology,” an analysis of a dog’s body alignment as it defecates and urinates.

6 Dog Tips for a Safe Day Outing

6 dog tips for a safe day outing can change a boring day to a fun-filled day … but in a safe manner. If you are a new dog owner, or an experienced dog owner, you many not know what you will need to enjoy a day out with your dog. Safety may not be […]

Why Can’t Everyone JUST Get Along?

We are the sum of our life experiences, and the same can be said of dogs. Each dog has an individual personality and genetic make-up, giving multi-dog households the potential for clashes. Finding just the right combination of dog personalities to share your home can be challenging.

Online Schools for Dog Grooming

Finding the perfect online schools for dog grooming can be found online or locally through colleges, universities, or vocational schools —  each one offering a quality dog groomer degree or diploma. Schools for dog grooming may offer animal training, grooming of all breeds, and learning about diseases and skin conditions. Online schools for dog grooming Online schools are becoming […]

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