The Spiritual Connection between Dogs and Humans

Spiritual connections between dogs and humans are seen more and more in Google trends, and not just because of the beloved word “dog.”

My Congressman Dog

My Congressman dog came about by accident, without once single vote. Or should I say Congresswoman?

Pet Seat Belts – New Laws for Pets

Pet seat belts may soon become a law, making unrestrained animals illegal. Currently, this law is being debated in New Jersey. Grace Spencer, a Newark NJ Democrat Assemblywoman who wants to make seat belts mandatory for family pets, is receiving various forms of support from her constituents and fellow lawmakers, according to The New Jersey Star Ledger.

A Dog Story: Mustache, the Comeback Dog

As I sit reminiscing about years gone by, my mind wanders to the numerous pets taken in by my family during my children’s growing-up years. One of my best memories is of a dog my two sons unanimously decided to give the name “Mustache,” because of his hairy face. We lived on the outskirts of […]

Rabid Dogs and Tea Party Candidates

Politics have become ugly and one-sided. But dogs and politics can be downright fun. In fact, life can become fun.

If anyone has read the political satire of the daily Borowitz Report, they would enjoy an article on a rabid Doberman Pinscher jumping on stage at a Missouri Tea Party rally.

“The dog, later identified by its owner as ‘Mister Buster,’ held the crowd spellbound as he barked, growled, and frothed at the mouth, eventually receiving a standing ovation for his exertions.”

Dog Taxes for Dog Owners

There is more than one way for a financially-strapped country to make money … and that is by taxing dogs of dog owners or killing their dogs if left unpaid. A bylaw that is over 100 years old has been reinstated in the village of Reconvilier, Switzerland, at a cost of $48.50 a year dating back to the original 1904 law — accumulating in a large amount of unpaid back taxes. According to the old law, the village has legal rights to kill a dog if its owner does not pay the canine charge.

Controversial & Caring Animal Liberation Front (ALF)

“Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all — the apathy of human beings.” by Helen Keller

As a radical animal rights group, ALF practices direct action on behalf of all suffering animals in the world — damaging and destroying animal research laboratories, factory farms, fur farms and anything that were known to harm animals or cause them any level of pain and suffering.

Letter to California Students & Dog Owners

What is common sense and where has it gone in the US? Pet and dog owners are caught up in the struggle between lack of jobs, lack of money, political unrest, and changing opinions on what is good for the dogs It is impossible to be a good dog owner or a pet owner of any kind without common sense in its most basic of terms. And … it is impossible to be a credible citizen of our country if you do not know what is right from wrong.

Knowing the truth is different from personal opinions and perceptions of different situations. But it can affect it. Children, families, pets, jobs and society suffers in the long run.

Dog Therapy Bill for PTSD Vets

Known as H.R. 3885, the Veterans Dog Training Therapy Act will be a pilot program, focusing on PTSD or other mental health conditions of troubled veterans with the help of trained service dogs. Over a five year period, the program would develop three to five medical centers at a cost of $7 million dollars.

Basic Five Freedoms for Dogs

It is impossible to accept the Five Freedoms of animals without understanding a dog’s life based on its emotions. It is only recently that studies are showing that dogs have emotions similar to people–denied by humanity at one time.

The Spiritual Dog

According to the beliefs in numerous Native American tribes, the Great Spirit gave the dog as a gift to those on Earth. The fact dogs were considered God-given gifts is shown through their unique behavior, demonstrating the dog is more than capable of showing true spirituality. Can a dog say, “I believe” and mean it from their heart? Probably not, but neither can many people.

Sexual animal crush videos now a Federal crime

Crush videos are unbelievably gruesome, perverse, and disgustingly cruel in a society that has long been fighting a legal battle against animal abuse by the extreme decadent. At the feet of sexually or leather-clad young women, crush videos are taken of painful and slow torturous acts toward small vertebrate animals and pain-susceptible mammals by crushing them […]

OK’s SB1712 forces stricter rules against state breeders

Setting a precedent for all states regarding dog breeders, Oklahoma’s Commercial Pet Breeders Act or the SB1712, is one of the strictest puppy mill laws to go into effect against dog breeders throughout the nation. Originally signed into law May 2010 by Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry, the new law formed the Oklahoma State Board of […]

PETA Exploits Pope Benedict XVI in their Ads

As Catholics, my brother and I wish to post the following notice we received through his e-mail, requesting it to be forwarded. The whole campaign is in regard to PETA’s latest campaign on the spaying and neutering of animals by having a “Pope Condom” being tossed to the cheering crowd by the Pope. However, the […]

Alaska Aerial Killings: Pregnant Wolves & Wolves

As members of the Defenders of Wildlife, we recently received a letter from the “Defenders of Wildlife” wolf division. It was in regard to the developing slaughter of our own dogs’ great-great grandparents and their great-grandparents. These are the famous gray wolves of Yellowstone Park and the Northern Rockies. We are adding this article as […]

No!! My Dog is NOT for Sale!!

GENERAL PUBLIC NOTICE #3 — “Please be advised I am sick to death of receiving dog questions about my dog! And NO .. he is not for sale. However, the cat is!” 🙂

Roadkill on the Highway

As a member of the public website, two of my priority causes are animals and poverty in America. The following is a Change letter written to Republican John Boehner by Diane Nilan about the poor of America “who have become roadkill on a highway to political supremacy.”

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