Top Dog Toys Your Pet Must Have

… playtime is not the only thing that dog toys are good for. In many cases, they provide a sense of bonding, they can test the dog’s brain and most of all, they can provide them with plenty of exercises. These dog toys all do different things for the owner and the dog alike.

Happy Puppy Day! Celebrate With Your Puppy or Older Dog to Make This a Very Special Day

Do something special with your puppy. Go to the dog park and play with a brand new frisbee. Take a run in a new area. Get a new ball and play catch in the backyard. Give your dog a bath and a haircut for the summer. Get a new collar and leash …

2017 Dog Holidays in the United States

Dog holidays 2017 in the United States usually means two things. It means vacations taken ‘with the family pet. Or it means special days, or dog holidays, that we can celebrate with our dog. This calls into mind dog-friendly lodging, dog parks, and/or dog-friendly amusement places. Unfortunately, many dog holidays sneak up on us. We […]

Christmas Gifts for Dogs and Dog Owners

Perfect Christmas gifts for dogs depend a lot on your pet and how well you know him. Is he old enough to be in a lot of pain? Is that why he likes to sleep on the couch and scrump up his favorite blanket to stay warm? Or is he from a shelter and has […]

We are Celebrating 1,000 Articles on!

Celebrating 1000 dog articles on WayCoolDogs that were started seven years ago on March of 2016 was the beginning of a miracle. It was then we started our humble blog with a tremendous amount of love for all dogs,..

Choosing the right LED dog collars

Whichever brand you choose, quality and durability should be at the forefront of your mind – you want your collar to last. Check specifications for things such as water resistance, fabric or material tenacity and quality, and any extra safety or quality certifications – plus practical elements such as adjustability.

How to Draw a Dog

Learning how to draw a dog is easy, even if you have no talent. There are many ways to draw a dog — cartoon dogs, realistic dogs, coloring book dogs, stylized dogs, and so on. Cartoon drawings of dogs add a little humor into our life, allowing us to fully enjoy our dog’s humor and […]

Funny Puppy Pictures on Pinterest!

Funny puppy pictures, heart-warming and adorable, fill the Internet on a minute-by-minute basis, if not second-by-second. Maybe just not funny puppy pictures trip your trigger, but also some really cute pictures of puppies or pictures of dogs in just about any setting! We are sharing some of our funny puppy pictures from WayCoolDogs on our Pinterest boards. Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving from WayCoolDogs!

  Happy Thanksgiving 2014!  Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers, fans and those just dropping by, from our girls! Have a wonderful day today and save some turkey for your favorite four-legged family members.     A DOG’S THANKSGIVING POEM T …..  is for Turkey, I want several slices H …..  is for Ham, which you […]

Five Unknown Services Offered for Dogs

There is little doubt that dog trainers, dog lovers and dog owners not only adore the world’s canine pooches, but spend the majority of their time with them in one working form or another, treating them as close members of the family. As years go by, it is not unusual to see an elderly person […]

Pet Friendly Homes With Style and Comfort

Pet friendly homes with style and comfort have come a long ways since dogs were prevented from entering the home, even back in the log cabins!  Today having pets in the home bring families joy and companionship, even though many come with pet habits that are less than desirable. If you’re like most pet owners, […]

A Dog Story: Little Pregnant Eve

In this “A Dog Story: Little Pregnant Eve,” Eve was the largest of several small dogs rescued from a gang war situation, and the only one who survived as the others were in really bad shape. In addition, it was evident from the beginning that she was pregnant, so she was housed in one of […]

7 Best Ways to Find a Perfect Dog Name

First of all, congratulations on your new pet dog! But before looking for a pet insurance for your new addition, the most important thing to do is to find him or her the perfect dog name. Finding dog names are both serious and fun but naming a dog is as important as naming a child. It […]

Famous Dogs on the Silver Screen

The strong presence of famous dogs on screen and their depiction of the unwavering bond between man and dog—not their tricks and gimmicks—has forever etched them in film history as some of the most iconic figures to grace the silver screen.

6 Top Dog Gifts for Your Dog

If you’re looking for a special treat for your beloved dog, check out these 6 top dog gifts, all fun and creative gifts. Nothing says “you’re my best friend” better than a luxurious dog bed or a creative chew toy. With that in mind, let’s check out our 6 top dog gifts: 1. Dog Tornado […]

If I Did Not Have a Dog … or a Cat

If I didn’t have a dog .. or a cat, I could walk barefoot around the yard in safety. My house could be carpeted instead of tiled and laminated. All flat surfaces, clothing, furniture, and cars would be hair-free. When the doorbell rings, my home wouldn’t sound like a kennel. When the doorbell rings, I […]

10 of the Most Famous Dogs in Cartoon History

Cartoon dogs are often depicted as being equally playful and adorable and sometime a little dopy. So when it comes to assessing the standout characters, we’re going to consider their notoriety, popular appeal, cultural significance and, of course, their lovability!

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