Thick-Haired Dog – Regulating the Summer Body

A thick-haired dog is really good at regulating its own body temperature during the warm summer months. You would think a dog with a thick coat would have an unbearable summer.  But actually, a dog’s fur acts as an insulation, cooling the dog’s body down and protecting it from the sun. While a thick-coated dog […]

Dog Grooming Tools – Four of the Best

Some of best dog grooming tools for you to use in the grooming process of your beloved furry friend!

Natural Remedies for Your Dog

The best possible thing you can do to keep your dog healthy is to ensure that he receives nature’s tonic alongside his diet. The tonic naturally should contain adequate vitamins and minerals.

Puppy Behavior Resulting from a Well-Trained Puppy

Behavior from a well-trained puppy It is always an exciting moment when you bring a new puppy into your home for the very first time. Everyone is soooooo excited! However, this excitement can sometimes wear off quickly when you start to realize how much training you have to do in order to have a well-trained puppy to […]

Winter Dog Fashions

Winter dog fashions are always in high demand as winter weather gets colder and the snow gets deeper. Not only because dogs need protection from the severe cold during the winter months, but also because all dogs deserve a quality winter dog outfit, chosen specifically from a huge variety of winter fashions for dogs.

6 of the Best Dog Tips to Help Your New Dog Adjust

If a new dog does not adjust well in its new home, and is terribly unhappy, negative behaviors will develop. This may involve carrying a bowl of dog food throughout the house, spilling its water bowl, barking at teeny flies and cars going by, digging up imaginary flower beds in the living room, chewing up pillows and shoes, and finally … going into a depression.

Cute Puppies are Adorable, But Grow Up

Cute puppies are adorable, but grow up. That is a fact … not a secret. But if not chosen properly, that cute puppy stands a chance of ending up in a shelter when it grows into an adult dog because it wasn’t what you wanted.

Aging Dogs – 5 Life-Sustaining Tips

“Aging dogs – 5 essential tips for living healthy,” requires dog owners to accept that their dogs will advance in years and require special care. Just like humans, an older dog age develops worsening health concerns as it ages, and just like humans, the aging dog needs additional care to be healthy and maybe even live a little longer.

Two of the Finest Dog Breeds from Italy – the Neapolitan Mastiff and Italian Greyhound

In this piece we aim to present a platform to show off two of our national treasures: one is a 70KG monster saved from extinction by Neapolitan’s (the Neapolitan Mastiff), while the other is a microscopic 8KGbut will most surely steal the hearts of people that want to do nothing but pamper their dog all day long (the Italian Greyhound).

Pet Owner Money Matters – Bringing Down The Costs

Pet owner money matters have one thing in mind — bringing down the costs. It’s hard to put a price on the love and companionship a pet can give you, but in these difficult times it’s sometimes necessary to keep an eye on the costs of pet ownership. Costs of food, grooming, medication and general […]

Training Your Dog – Four Tips on How to to Train Your Dog to be Your True Best Friend

Training your dog properly is important as man’s best friend has a lot of naturally redeeming qualities, such as wanting to please and looking to you for love and affection. However, if you want a true best friend, some training is definitely in order. Dog training is how a dog understands what you expect and […]

Pet Health – How to Keep Them in Their Best Shape

Today’s society is not the healthiest for people or for pet health; sedentary lifestyles and poor diets take their toll on the health of millions. Unfortunately, unhealthy people tend to have unhealthy pets. Even more healthy households may be ruining their pet’s health through ignorance, or misunderstanding of what the pet really needs. Here are […]

Basics of Dog Grooming

If you have a dog as your pet, then the basics of dog grooming should be a priority of your canine’s care-taking. With proper training and lots of love, he or she will become a loyal companion throughout your life whether you practice dog grooming at home or take them to a professional dog grooming […]

Sick Pets – Knowing When to Call the Veterinarian

When we are faced with recognizing and treating sick pets, knowing when to call the veterinarian can be vital. There are certain pet conditions we can care for at home, and there are medical conditions that require veterinarian care. Different pet illnesses and their treatments depend on the type of medical care required and how […]

Unmanageable Dogs and Newborns

Unmanageable dogs and newborns, a delicate situation for parents with dogs they love. Newborns are a source of joy for parents, siblings, grandparents, and close friends …. changing lives and disrupting regular routines. This is felt not only by humans, but also by family dogs or family pets who are properly trained. However, unmanageable dogs and […]

How to Adopt an Animal from the RSPCA

Every year, thousands of animals end up in the care of the RSPCA, with many people not understanding how to adopt an animal.  Some animals have been abused or neglected, while others have been abandoned.  Depending on how an animal has ended up in the RSPCA’s animal shelter, it might need veterinary treatment or help […]

Pet Poisons – Protecting Pets in the Summer

Pet poisons are all around us, even though many pet owners are not aware of what and where they are. They can be inside the home or they can be growing in yards or gardens.

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