Cataracts in Dogs – Treating with Natural Primalix Cataractin

One of the most common causes of cataracts in dogs is congenital, or genetic inheritance. It is also the most popular in current research with a need for DNA testing in specific breeds. Those that are genetically predisposed to cataracts are the American Cocker Spaniels, Bichon Fries, Boston Terriers, Golden Retrievers, Havanese, Miniature Schnauzers, Miniature and Standard Poodles, and Silky Terriers.

Dog Strollers – Advantages of Using Strollers for Dogs

Dog strollers are one of today’s more popular dog items. In fact, one could say that dogs are luckier now than 100 years ago. Early book and stories show us that affection for family pets has not changed much. However, one does not have to be an Einstein to see that dog care has done a 360-degree turnaround.

Cancer in Dogs – Early Treatment by Natural Primalix C-Care Helps Shrink Cancerous Tumors

Cancer in dogs is increasing in numbers across the United States. Statistics show that canine cancer is the #1 cause of death in dogs who are over two years of age. Fifty-percent of dogs over the age of 10 have a chance of developing cancer. Statistics show that one in two dogs will acquire cancer, and one in four dogs will die of cancer. In college statistics, I learned that numbers can be manipulated to mean anything the student wants, but these numbers are just plain scary.

Canine Solar Eclipse Blindness

Canine solar eclipse blindness is a rarity among dogs but one we should be aware of. In the United States on Monday, August 21, 2017, the Great American Eclipse 2017 began. At 8:46 AM PT, the total solar eclipse started in Oregon; by 5:04 PM ET it ended in South Carolina, forming a 67-mile-wide path. […]

Euthanizing the Elderly Dog – Stress-Free Decisions on Ending the Life of the Family Dog

Euthanizing the elderly dog has changed a lot over the years. Because of medical advances and healthy nutrition, dogs are living longer today ever. However, when it is time for your dog to pass over, it is still a painful and difficult decision to make. A lot of dog owners do not want their dogs […]

Arthritis in Dogs – Primalix Arthridia and FlexaSure Combo

Learning how to recognize arthritis in dogs is important, not only to the owners but also for ailing dogs. Arthritis is abnormal changes in the joints, bringing about pain and discomfort, lameness, and restricted mobility … whether it is in humans or animals.

Dog Dental Health – DentaSure

Dog dental health is all about preventing dental disease in dogs. As a rescue center, we receive dogs that are approximately eight to ten+ years of age. Many of our dogs come from overly-populated breeders while other dogs come from homes that are neglectful in their care. And then … we see some that are […]

Dog Supplements | How Useful Are Probiotics/Hemp Dog Supplements?

Dog supplements are confusing to many dog owners. A direct answer to the question of whether or not a dog needs additional supplements is, “it depends.” Unfortunately, it can become pretty confusing as to what exactly would be right for one particular dog and not for another. The following list of supplements should help pet owners […]

Fleas and Ticks – 100% Natural Control Through TripleSure

A female flea can lay 20 eggs a day; half that number is females. Without a flea control treatment, by the end of two months, there will be approximately 20,000 fleas on your pet and in your home. And by using a natural and safe treatment like TripleSure, your home will become a pet utopia, instead of being smothered in deadly toxic chemicals.

Dogs Pooping Blood

Any change in dog stools that causes the condition of dogs pooping blood is a red flag, whether it is the color, the consistency, or the frequency. If the feces is dark, black or tar-like, there is blood in the dog stools.

Canine Anorectal Diseases – What Are They and What to Do About Them

Canine anorectal diseases relate to illnesses or medical problems of a dog’s rectum and anus. Canines with anorectal diseases will have some type of deformation in this area, with anal sac disease one of the most common diseases in a dog’s anal region.

Dog Care – Five Simple (But Important) Things to Remember

Owning a dog is a huge commitment and basic dog care is important to know:  beginning training as a young puppy, routine vet checks, feeding them the right food, keeping their toe nails trimmed, grooming on a routine basis,  learning to recognize illnesses and injuries, and becoming best of friends clear to the end.

Cedar Chips and Fleas – Non-Toxic Insect Repellant for Fleas? (Revised)

Using cedar chips or mulch in the garden area may cause breathing difficulties in you and your dog, especially if the dog is older or very sick. OSHA has found that the fumes in cedar affect organs: blood, bone marrow, central nervous system, eyes, respiratory system, skin, liver, and kidneys. So consider carefully before using them around your dog.

Canine Dementia in Your Aging Dog, or Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Elderly dog dementia and adoptions for the older dog are rapidly trending. We have seen an increase in information about the elderly dogs in general and those with canine cognitive dysfunction.

Dog Feeders – What Dog Owners Should Know

A lot of dog owners prefer to buy water and feed-based bowls based on their dog’s age or health issue. This is usually addressed by the design of the unit. For example, young puppies chew on their bowls and then haul them around to the back yard to bury them. In that case, it is preferable to purchase dog bowls that are cheap, not created for their aesthetic design,  and usually on cheaper by the dozen!

Human Vitamins and Supplements for Dogs – How Safe Are They?

Human vitamins and supplements for dogs. Hmmm…sounds rather contradictory, doesn’t it? But as time marches on, dog experts and veterinarians are accepting this unique relationship between humans and dogs. They also make it a priority to point out issues with toxicity if not handled properly.

Pet Groomers | What Can You Expect?

Pet groomers are important to most dog owners. If you are thinking of taking your dog to pet groomers or calling them to your home, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

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