3D Prosthetics for Dogs and Vets

3D prosthetics, custom made, are being printed for dogs at 3D Systems in Rock Hill, South Carolina. This is allowing legless dogs to walk, run and play, all over again! 3D prosthetics are also being used for returning veterans according to a GlobeNewswire statement released by 3D Systems,

Military Dogs – An Overall Look

The military dog is known for its heroic roles and critical contributions to our military front lines. During World War II, the attack on Pearl Harbor caused the US to show their first interest in using military dogs. By the end of the war, the US Army Canine (K-9) Corps had grown to include 10,000 dogs.

Military Dogs in Covert Operations

Military dogs assist in fulfilling specific mission objectives, a four-legged dedicated power weapon that the Taliban has not yet been able to stop from tracking their IEDs. For this reason, special forces and the Pentagon now have their own canine training programs—- current numbers totaling 2,700 dogs — compared to 1,800 trained canines of last year.

Special Precautions on Adopting Military Working Dogs

Initially, the armed forces had the policy of killing military dogs after their service ran out. Since then, their position has changed. Citizen outrages have led to new laws that allowed dogs in the military to be adopted by the general public or their military owners.

Military Dog of the US Armed Forces

The military dog of the US Armed Forces, a soldier’s best friend, is a military endeavor that makes one contingent on the other. It is a relationship that involves enhancing security, detecting explosive devices, and searching routes and buildings. Man’s best friend, the beloved dog, has played many roles over the years. Unfortunately, the military dog’s role is one that few understand.

Three of the Smartest Top Dogs

When it comes to intelligence, there are three of the smartest top dogs that seem to stand out above the rest. Whether it’s their attentiveness to commands, their ability to perform tasks or their proficiency in understanding language, certain breeds are capable of truly amazing things…such as the German Shepherds, Poodles, and Border Collies. If […]

Custom Collars and Tags for Dogs and Pets

There are two types of custom marking for custom tags and collars for dogs — deep engraving or embossing — in a wide variety of USA collars and tags. Embossing is used on military style dog tags, suitable for people, as pet tags, key fobs, etc. Meanwhile, deep engraving is used on all other categories except for the budget aluminium.

PTSD Dogs for Veterans with PTSD

PTSD dogs for veterans with PTSD or TBI are hard to find because of the military itself. According to the USNews two days ago, the VA will not cover the costs of service dogs assigned for PTSD treatments … leaving PTSD veterans in desperate trouble.

Orders at Fort Bliss Force Removal of PTSD Service Dogs

… commanding officers at Fort Bliss are forcing PTSD service dogs off the base due to new directive orders coming down from the upper levels. Soldiers with PTSD are told to “man up!” — “The soldiers with PTSD are being berated and intimidated for hours on end by superior officers, cursed at and told they are worthless and a waste of time for the army.”

Hero Dogs Rescued from Afghanistan

Palm Beach Post has printed a story on January 3 where Iowa’s 43-year-old Sheila Schaffer, veteran of the Army National Guard, has spent $4,000 to bring a hero dog from Afghanistan to the United States. To many, this is considered squandering. To Sheila, her Charlie is more than worth it. “People always say, ‘Why are […]

Professional Dogs Bred for Illegal Fighting

Considered one of the most common of the blood sports, professional dog fighting involves dogs fighting to the death…or having their throats cut if they lose and tossed in the corner. Dogs bred for fighting professionally in dog rings co-exist in a world of drugs, prostitution, sex trafficking, human slavery and stealing smaller puppies and adult dogs out of homes for bait dogs in training rings.

Dog Therapy Bill for PTSD Vets

Known as H.R. 3885, the Veterans Dog Training Therapy Act will be a pilot program, focusing on PTSD or other mental health conditions of troubled veterans with the help of trained service dogs. Over a five year period, the program would develop three to five medical centers at a cost of $7 million dollars.

War Hero Dog Mistakenly Euthanized at Local Shelter

Shelters that are not listed as no-kill shelters have little room for dogs that are not cute and fluffy, or consist of a small and adorable puppy. In fact, they are so much in a hurry to put down older and larger dogs, occasional miscorrect documentation takes priority over the lives of the animals they […]

Roles of Dogs For PTSD-Diagnosed Veterans

Quite recently, a 12-month study has been approved (2) by the U.S. Department of Defense to see if dogs can help combat soldiers who have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. The study will compare two groups of PTSD veterans–those with service dogs and those without—while measuring any symptom changes and medication use of […]

New Puppy-Training Machines for the Military

The United States Defense Department is preparing to shape–or re-shape–the minds of live puppies in new testing procedures at a cost of millions of dollars. This will exclude the training of what they consider inadequate ‘oh-so-passe human trainers who fail in their training by demonstrating archaic methods such as human affection,  according to Katie Drummond’s […]

The Rescued Lab and His Tennis Balls

They told me the name of the big black rescued lab was Reggie as I looked at him lying in his pen. The shelter was clean, no-kill, and the people really friendly. I’d only been in the area for six months, but everywhere I went in the small college town, people were welcoming and open. […]

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