Q & A: Master Herbalist Speaks on Cushings in Dogs

We received a question from one of our viewers regarding Cushings: My 11 lb 12 yr old Chihuahua has all of the symptoms of Cushings. An ultrasound showed a very enlarged liver. She also has a heart murmur. Voracious appetite, increased urination with accidents, thirst lethargy coughing. She does not have skin rashes, sores or […]

Dog Training Programs for the Autistic Child

We have received an email requesting service dog training information for the autistic child: “I have a dog that our aid has given us. I want her trained as a service dog. I am looking for any and all resources and funding options to have her trained. I have looked in to resources local and […]

Training Digging Dogs – Questions and Answers

Dog Question about a dog who continuously digs holes: I have a Rotti  and a She Tzu… My little She Tzu I rescued earlier this year, He is 2 years old, but since I have had him my yard has become a “hole” haven. EVERYTIME I put him outside he is digging holes. Is there […]

Liver Dog Diet — Questions and Answers

Dog Question about a liver dog diet: My friend adopted a medium sized dog from a shelter some time ago, and she joined the existing family of two large black dogs and two cats (oh, and I forgot, two adults). In short order she had the big dogs wrapped around her little paw, but the […]

Q & A: How can my abused rescue dog become house-trained?

“My little tiny Blondie was abused and lost an eye. I rescued her from the shelter a year ago and she has made friends with my other 2 shipoos and the 3 big dogs. But now and then she still pees in the house, especially when it looks rainy. PLEASE HELP!”

Q & A: Info on Canine Winter Coats w/attached Booties

From Marlene: “Do You Sell or Make Canine Winter Coats with Booties Attached?” Answer: We do not have any canine winter coats with booties attached, but I have been looking around for you to see what was available among the many dog clothes websites. Most dog boots have Velcro straps on them to hold them […]

Q & A: I need help in training my cockapoo to toilet outside!

Cockapoo puppies and adults are extremely sensitive and require very gentle training. A simple thing like raising your voice causes them to react as if they were physically beat. They have one mission in life … to be there for you in every way possible. You will never find a more devoted or loving dog […]

Q & A: Should a rat eating dog get a rabies shot?

“Click bone to ask us a dog question!” TODAY’S QUESTION “Should a rat-eating dog get a rabies shot?” Question from Maura: I notice the other night that my Terryair was playing with a field rat on my property. Should I get him vaccinated, its been four year since his last rabies shot. His breath smell like […]

Q & A: Why does my 4 month puppy growl at me?

“Click bone to ask us a dog question!” Today’s Question “Why does my 4 month puppy growl at me?” Claudia: I have a 4mo old lab/retriever mix male that I have had since he was 12wks. He was rescued from a shelter @ 11wks with his litter mates. He has started to growl @ me […]

Q & A: How can I keep my dog cool without A/C?

Today’s Question: How can I keep my inside dog cool in the summer without A/C? “I was wondering how a dog can deal with the heat of an apartment, no air conditioning just a circulating fan? I have been keeping my air on all day when I am not home to make sure my dog is ok because […]

Q & A: Why won’t my adopted dog let me pet her?

Click bone to ask question! Today’s Question: Cheryl: Why won’t my newly adopted 9 month border collie let me pet her or play with her? ~ See all questions and answers ~ “We adopted a 9 mo. old border collie a week ago. While she is housebroken, (yay!) and does not chew on everything in site, […]

Q & A: Are service puppies available for children?

Today’s Question Mary: ” I was needing a puppy for my son. He sometimes gets out of the house. He is very smart and he figures things out easy. Especially locks. He is only 4. My sister told me about this puppies that help with the kids. She told me this puppies are trained to stop them from getting out […]

Q & A: Are there special dogs for autistic children?

Today’s Question Tracey: Hi, I have an 3.5yr old with Autism. I would like to look into having a special trained dog for him. I think it would help him in many ways. Dear Tracey, To answer your question, yes … a specially training dog would be wonderful for your child.  But not all autistic […]

Q & A: Does Way Cool Dogs give grants for service dogs?

Today’s Question: Amber: Does Way Cool Dogs give grants for service dogs? Answer: No, Amber, we do not give grants for service dogs. But there are many organizations that do. Your local location should have a Health & Human Services organization which should have some names and numbers for you. If you are legally disabled, […]

Q&A: Will Pennies in a Bag Work For Other Bugs Too?

Question from Betty A.: Will the four pennies in a ziplock bag of water work for mosquitos and other bugs flying around, especially at night on the patio? (Re: Ziplock Bag of Water for Easy Fly Removal) Answer: We don’t think so, Betty. But you sure could try it and get back to us! What drives […]

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