Emotional Support Dogs – Registering Your Dog as an Emotional Support Dog

Emotional support dogs are an increasingly common addition to homes. Whether they help calm a child with autism or keep a heavily depressed person from harming herself or himself, animal companions can be of great medical importance. If your pet helps you get through the day for one reason or another, you may be able to register them as emotional support dogs.

Pet Therapy is Gaining Popularity and Emotional Support

Pet therapy is not a new concept in itself, but current research is finding new hypotheses, new conceptions, and new theories to study. Grants are becoming readily available for analyzing the health of children, healthy aging for elderly people, mental health, and individuals who are very ill. The good news is that society is opening up to the idea of using animals or pets for various fields of therapy, not just the medical field.

Needed: Dog Therapy for Progeria Children

Dog therapy for Progeria children works on their emotional stability which will affect their physical aspect, the same process as with pet therapy for cancer children and elderly adults.

Requirements for Therapy Dog Certification

The therapy dog has a natural ability to sense the emotional state of a person they are in direct contact with. Training is required, but the personality of the dog is primary: friendliness; calmness; allow touching throughout their body; needs to adapt well with other animals; extremely social animal; good manners; aware of the basic training; comfortable with being leashed and handled; good health; and housebroke.

People Animal Love Teams Bring Happiness

From visiting people with Alzheimer’s, to reading with children, People Animal Love (PAL) dogs bring happiness wherever they go. Friendly, well-socialized dogs visit at one of 38 People Animal Love (PAL) sites throughout the DC metro area…bringing love and happiness to the elderly, the sick, and to help children.

Autism Service Dog – The Challenges of Autism

An autism service dog is specially trained to provide anchors for autistic children — both physically and emotionally. A serious condition, autism is more common than the combination of AIDS, childhood cancer, and diabetes. And with one child out of 150 in the United States diagnosed with autism, there is more of a need for […]

PTSD Dogs for Veterans with PTSD

PTSD dogs for veterans with PTSD or TBI are hard to find because of the military itself. According to the USNews two days ago, the VA will not cover the costs of service dogs assigned for PTSD treatments … leaving PTSD veterans in desperate trouble.

Service Dogs Trained for Children With Autism

Service dogs trained for children with autism are different than training service dogs for adults that are physically or mentally challenged.  Young dogs  trained for autistic children have an entirely different philosophy in the training process, as the dog’s natural development needs to be tailored to the child’s unique autistic needs. Traditional service animal programs […]

Dog Training Programs for the Autistic Child

We have received an email requesting service dog training information for the autistic child: “I have a dog that our aid has given us. I want her trained as a service dog. I am looking for any and all resources and funding options to have her trained. I have looked in to resources local and […]

Orders at Fort Bliss Force Removal of PTSD Service Dogs

… commanding officers at Fort Bliss are forcing PTSD service dogs off the base due to new directive orders coming down from the upper levels. Soldiers with PTSD are told to “man up!” — “The soldiers with PTSD are being berated and intimidated for hours on end by superior officers, cursed at and told they are worthless and a waste of time for the army.”

How to Raise a Therapy Dog

You’ve probably seen service dogs at stores and restaurants with their handlers. But did you know some dogs provide therapy? If you’re interested in raising a therapy dog, or if you think your dog would make a good therapy dog, here’s how to get started. What Is a Therapy Dog? Therapy dogs are different from […]

A Dog Opens the Door

  Life changes for people when a therapy dog walks into the room. Everyone who has witnessed therapy dogs interacting with people testifies to the positive effects created by the human-canine connection. It is not a matter of age; the special qualities found in dogs can touch people at all stages of life. For the […]

Therapy Dog Certification Information

Therapy dogs are wonderful gifts to the world. They get along well with other animals and children and are very therapeutic to everyone that encounters them. If you are interested in having your dog certified and trained, and what it takes, here is information to get you on your way through Therapy Dog International. Keep […]

Therapy Reading Dogs: “Kids, Reading & Waggy Tales”

A therapy dog reading program called “Pages for Preston” is best described with this statement, “The dogs calm us down when we pet them so that we can read better,” said Caroline, a third grade student in the Pages for Preston program.

Healing power of dogs

The healing power of dogs has entered mainstream medicine, with physicians coming to the realization that therapy dogs can be used as office healing dogs to reduce stress, anxiety, hypertension and nervousness in worried patients arriving for their scheduled appointments. It is also used successfully for patients with “white coat syndrome.” Dr. Bart Kairuz has three […]

Training Service Dogs for Autistic Children

The need of service dogs for autistic children is remarkably high, with not enough qualified service dogs available for this demand. Autistic disorder in children belongs to a group of developmental disabilities that emerge from 18 months to three years of age. Autism belongs to a group of disorders called Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) – […]

Using pets for winter S.A.D. and mental disorders

With seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.) and mental disorders affecting many people from early fall throughout the darkening winter months, the negative feelings of depression can be easily overcome by using pet therapy,  according to results of the latest studies. Statistics demonstrate that pet therapy can be utilized for many things—to reduce stress, promote relaxation, decrease tension, and overcome […]

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