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Homemade cheap dog clothes

There seems to be two things going on right now with pets and pet clothes—little Princess Fuzziness is being dressed up like a kid and there is an economy slump going on, putting the skids on never having enough money. On top of it all, dog’s clothing is not cheap!

So…this article is going to be about cheap dog clothing. Not only because most people do not have enough money to dress their dogs, but because there actually are dog clothing out in the world that may be pretty cheap and affordable.

cheap dog clothing patterns

Homemade Dog Christmas Clothes

If you’re handy with the thread and needle, or know how to run a sewing machine, the Simplicity 4274 pattern (now out of print) for “Dog Clothes for Small and Medium Size Dogs” for $3.50 plus $2.53 shipping fees can make a lot of clothing ideas for any homemade dog Christmas clothes.

You can buy some quality material on sale throughout the summer, or cut-up some slightly used shirts or sweats the kids have outgrown for patterns for the little dog. Put some Christmas or other holiday decorations on it, adding some accessories to dress it up.  Each outfit would be anywhere from $1 to $5 each, saving about $15 per outfit not  including shipping, and getting a lot more fun and satisfaction out of it.

Cheap dog t-shirts and dog tank tops

cheap dog shirt

A fast way to check out some really cheap dog clothing or pet clothes is to go to Google products and type in what you are looking for at the top  (even if you want a shirt also!). They list a pretty wide variety of items, and you can list them anyway you want—of course, I listed them as the cheapest first.

The shirt to the left is a medium sized shirt for sale at $4.73  plus shipping, originally $8.59. “Works for Treats” Dog Tank Top is adorable in multi-tone stripes and fun cheap dog shirtsaying on the front. Your dog will look stylish at the park, in the yard or walking down the street with this 2010 tank top for dogs. 2 colors / 3 sizes available.

The little “Queen of the house” to the right is for the little dog who owns the home with style. Priced at $4.73 new, it is excellent for the spring and summer months.

Cheap Dog Clothing Stores

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Cheap Dog Clothes

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Little Pampered Pets

"Seen any cheap shirts that will fit me?"


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