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Christmas Gifts for Dogs and Dog Owners

Perfect Christmas gifts for dogs depend a lot on your pet and how well you know him. Is he old enough to be in a lot of pain? Is that why he likes to sleep on the couch and scrump up his favorite blanket to stay warm? Or is he from a shelter and has spent years of neglect and loneliness? Is his idea of happiness to lean on you, soaking all the attention he can get? Either way, choosing a gift for him is the same as choosing a gift for yourself, as you both will be happy.

Before you rush out the front door and slip on the ice, ask yourself a few questions while holiday shopping :

1. Does your dog enjoy sitting beside you on the family couch; does he enjoy watching television with you; and does he enjoy reading a good book with you?

2. Do you have the famous “no getting on the couch” rule in your home? Is it difficult, if not impossible, to enforce as your dog thinks he owns the couch?

3. Do you feel it is a common misconception that allowing your dog on the furniture will cause a lapse in obedience?

Unfortunately, regardless what you think, most dogs feel your sofa is the most comfortable seat in the home. Especially if you are sitting on it with them!

So what can you do about it?

Specialty Dog Beds

For those who prefer a clean and fur-free couch, there are specialty dog beds available for your dog to lie on. These make excellent gifts for dogs, as they remove the need to enforce an ‘off limits’ zone for your pet when it comes to your couch. Plus there will be plenty of room for you now on the family sofa.

From the minute Christmas morning arrives, your dog will now have its own beautiful dog sofa to curl up on!  Dogs are naturally territorial, especially toward other animals and newcomers to the home. This type of bed allows your dog to have its own space, an area it does not need to share unless it chooses to!

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Orthopedic dog beds – a perfect gift for dogs

Orthopedic dog beds make the best Christmas gift for dogs, especially if your dog is sick, up in years, and/or has painful joint problems. Specialty beds, e.g. orthopedic dog beds, actively cushion your dog’s bones and joints better than any piece of living room furniture in your home.

Specialized beds for dogs come in a wide variety of upholstery canvas and micro-velvets. Additionally, you can choose colors that will fit the design scheme of your living room. The velcro enclosures allow the covers to be easily removed for laundering in your washing machine. The base on the dog sofa is an orthopedic foam pillow.

The perfect upcoming holiday gift may just be the double donut couch – designed for dogs who like to curl up, and includes a double bolster that can reach up to eighteen inches. Made by online specialty bed retailer Mammoth Outlet, this sofa is a wonderful accessory for your living room, while remaining supportive and beneficial to your canine’s health. These beds also offer more lounging space than traditional donut beds, with an enclosed feeling of security just like a den. An orthopedic dog couch prevents the onset of detrimental conditions such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, elbow disease, Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), OsteochondrosisDessicans (OCD) and many other skeletal issues that can be caused by sleeping on hard or uneven surfaces.

The double bolsters are filled with unique medical-grade foam, which bounces back to shape. There is no sag, no loss of support, over time.The double bolsters are also available in three sizes – medium (33″x30″) large (44″x36″) or extra large (55″x42″). For that special gift for dogs this Christmas, make sure you purchase added protection for the orthopedic foam mattress by adding the nylon waterproof liner – great for puppies still being house trained (with the added bonus of discouraging them to dirty up your couch!), or for older dogs who may be prone to bladder accidents from time to time.  The couch itself is antibacterial, stain resistant, and equipped with an anti-odor Scotchgard fabric protector.

Surprise your dog with that present he’ll never forget — a chance to make your living room a part of his own domain. This holiday season, choosing gifts for dogs does not need to be a luxury.  What it does is promote the best in relaxation and contentment for that very special buddy of yours;  that is both veterinarian recommended and Breeder’s #1 choice.


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