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Letter to California Students & Dog Owners

What is common sense and where has it gone in the US? Pet and dog owners are caught up in the struggle between lack of jobs, lack of money, political unrest, and changing opinions on what is good for the dogs It is impossible to be a good dog owner or a pet owner of any kind without common sense in its most basic of terms. And … it is impossible to be a credible citizen of our country if you do not know what is right from wrong. Knowing the truth is different from personal opinions and perceptions of different situations. But it can affect it. Children, families, pets, jobs and society suffers in the long run.

common sense in schools
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In today’s world, common sense for everyone has taken a huge back seat to many things—low approval for Congress and the US government, lack of trust of the general media, political protests, removal of the bargaining rights of union members and massive budget cuts against women, children and the poverty levels in America — with unfocused mainstream America becoming more and more disgusted and violent against the condescending attitude of the super wealth and elite of our country.

A breath of fresh air, filled with unexpected common sense in a world without it, was a supposedly 2010 speech given by a Redding, California, high school principal to his new students. But according to, it was taken from Dennis Prager, a talk show host in July 13, 2010, title as “A Speech Every American High School Principal Should Give.” Since then, it has filtrated through the internet like crazy with many schools adopting its policies.

Common sense. What is it?  It would help if we would go back to 1776 when the same situation was going on in our early colonies.  Thomas Paine—a professional radical and revolutionary propagandist without peer— anonymously wrote “Common Sense” (Early America)  and became internationally famous in both Europe and the United States. It was considered the “most influential tract  of the American Revolution … it remains one of the most brilliant pamphlets ever written in the English Language.”

The pamphlet was a political pamphlet, bringing the revolutionary sentimen and its surfering into focus by putting all the blame on George III, the reigning British monarch.

Paine’s political pamphlet brought the rising revolutionary sentiment into sharp focus by placing blame for the suffering of the colonies directly on the reigning British monarch, George III. The phamplhlet became the strategic focus for the Revolution, the “first successful anticolonical action in modern history,” according to Thomas Paine’s Common Sense.   Benjamin Franklin was so impressed by him, he sent him to America in 1774.

After the publication of Common Sense, Paine continued to inspire and encourage the patriots during the Revolutionary War with a series of pamphlets entitled The American Crisis. Eventually, Paine went on to write The Rights of Man and The Age of Reason. But, it all started with Common Sense, the writing that sparked an American Revolution. Common sense … something we have little of anymore.


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