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No-Kill Dog Shelter in Detroit Receives Anonymous Gift

In a city that has over 50,000 strays living in it, an animal-rescue group in Detroit has received an anonymous gift of $1.5 million to build the city’s first no-kill dog shelter.

Detroit Dog Rescue (DDR) was founded by TV producer Monica Martino and Daniel (Hush) Carlisle, a hip-hop artist, approximately nine months ago. The gift they received was in the form of stock options, from a woman who was inspired by the Detroit organization’s work locating and rehabilitating stray dogs.

“This donation is just the beginning,” Martino said in a statement Thursday. “While Hush and I were working on the streets of Detroit, we saw firsthand the true scope and scale of the stray dog situation. This problem in Detroit is an epidemic and the system that is in place to control it is broken. The first step is to build a no-kill shelter.”

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A dog someone should be proud to own. (via Wikipedia)

A pit bull named Ace had been found outside a hardware store, emaciated. DDR attempted to get the dog released from the Animal Control Pound, even getting a temporary restraining order from the judge and finding the owners. However, the city euthanized the dog anyway, ignoring the legal papers that would have saved Ace.

This upset many people, including the Detroit City Council members. The support for the city’s first no-kill dog shelter will hopefully change the lives for homeless dogs in the city.


This UPI article was sent to us by Steve W. Young, the brother of Nancy Houser, of Kearney NE.Related articles.

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  1. Walt Bemb
    February 12, 2012 at 8:20 am — Reply

    I so love what you guys are doing!!! I don’t see on the site how to adopt, or see any dogs.
    Thank you for your work!!!

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