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Different Types of Dog Skin Problems

The following is a guest post by Alex Fields. Read more guest posts here.

One way of indicating that you are at the peak of your health is through looking at your own skin. If your skin does not look blooming or healthy, then there is a big tendency that your body is lacking all the health that it should have. Just like us, the health of animals can also be determined by the quality of their skin. And that includes dogs.

There are many reasons why dog skin problems occur and when you do not take action for it immediately then it would only worsen the condition. So do not wait for any noticeable changes in the external health of your dog; look for professional help. Simple observations are enough for you to determine that your dog is experiencing some disorders – skin-deep or not – and that is by means of frequent scratching, licking, or chewing on skin. And to help you out if whether your dog is having skin problems or not, here are the different types of dog skin problems as well as their causes.

Spotting the Problem

The different types of dog skin problems are as follows: Bald Spots, Scabs, Lesions, and Rashes. These types are enough for you to bring your dog to your veterinarian. Determining symptoms include pus, swelling of the affected area, blood, redness, and lumps. These dog skin problems may have different causes altogether and it should be determined by your veterinarian. Don’t wait too long to go and get a proper diagnosis. The longer your dog suffers, the longer the treatment will take.

Potential Culprits

As I have said, there are many reasons as to why these different types of dog skin problems occur. One culprit may be pests. Yes, these little parasites that dwell on the skin of your dog contribute a lot to the health of your dog’s skin. Not just only flea bites but also their droppings can cause irritations. Another reason may be skin infections of different kinds. It can either by fungal, yeast, or bacterial in nature. It may also be because of allergies as well. If your dog is exposed much to dust, grass, and pollen they may also be considered a culprit. Not just exposure to outdoor elements but if your dog eats something that is considered as a trigger to his allergic reaction, it can cause dog skin problems as well. In this case you need to start examining what you are feeding your dog.

Prevention Is the Best Medicine

Fortunately, these different types of dog skin problems can be prevented. One way of preventing is to use only the appropriate products for your dog. Ignoring this important fact can lead to skin problems so you don’t want to make this mistake. Hypoallergenic products can help a lot. Another way is to groom your pet as needed. Letting your dog go too long without proper grooming is asking for trouble. That way they can be away from parasites. Last but not the least is to keep your environment clean for you and your dog to dwell in. It is not only healthy for you, but your dog enjoys the benefits as well.

Written by Alex Fields for Bling Bling Puppy where you can find quality quality dog beds, collars, and accessories for your dog. Alex is a part time writer and full time dog owner.


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