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Dog Care – Five Simple (But Important) Things to Remember

Dog care is vital to the dog and to dog owners. Most dog owners try as hard as they can to be responsible in a caring manner toward their dogs. They wish to ensure their dog’s life is as lengthy, joyful, and healthy as can be.

Owning a dog is a huge commitment and basic dog care is important to know:  beginning training as a young puppy, routine vet checks, feeding them the right food, keeping their toe nails trimmed, grooming on a routine basis,  learning to recognize illnesses and injuries, and becoming best of friends clear to the end.

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Tessie, by Nancy Houser


Here are five things we need to remember about the basic dog care tips, more than anything else in dog care. If we do anything right in caring for our dog, it is to ensure our canine pet  lives a long and healthy life. Regardless of the breed, these health steps are just as important as our own. Since we never seem to have enough time to spend with our dogs, we need to make sure every day is the best it could ever be.

1. Nutrition is vital to dog care

Every dog comes with their own nutritional requirements. Some are the same as most dogs, while others are more breed specific. And some will be  just between you and your dog, as you know your pet the best.

Make sure you provide for your dog with the optimal amount of care in the most loving manner possible. Dog care consists of nutrients, grooming, oral care, exercise and vaccinations — all aspects that will keep your dog healthy. In this day and age, it is important to  prevent  pain and discomfort for your dog before it occurs, rather than going to the vet after it develops into a full blown status. Part of being a responsible dog owner in quality dog care is early identification and treatment of pain.

Dogs do not complain, or we think they do not. But that does not mean you are unable to recognize they are in pain. Symptoms of pain in dogs are to look into their eyes, read their body language, listen to their sounds, and observe their eating habits. All these symptoms speak loudly if you are sensitive enough to see, listen and feel that your dog is suffering.

If you understand precisely what to watch out for, you will see the signs of pain in dogs and specifically how your canine friend shows discomfort. Begin by recognizing  your dog’s normal behavior to identify anything unusual from it.

2. Grooming your dog

Whether or not your dogs has long or short fur, regular grooming is a great aspect for maintain their health. Trimming their fur protects against fleas and ticks that run wild, scratching, itching, eye irritation, ear infection, hot spots, watching for dog worms, and so on.

A good thorough brushing for your dog needs to be done routinely, not until their fur is matted and knotted. Regular brushing not only helps your pet get used to having it done, but it also removed dead fur that will promote good health.

3. Oral Care

Frequent brushing will help put a stop to dental disease in your dog, something often challenging to identify unless your are a professional dog owner and trainer. Be sure to brush with toothpaste expressly formulated for pets, not humans, as it is too rough on their teeth. Also, human toothpaste will irritate your dog’s stomach and will be difficult to digest.

Special bones are a good way to protect your dog’s overall dental health because they are made special for dog’s teeth. Such bones will help to thoroughly clean your puppy’s pearly whites as well as supplying your dog with a great oral workout. Always choose dental bones if possible, or better yet, choose organic dental bones for dogs. Both types may cost more, or you can choose to spend the extra money having their teeth worked on as they age or have their teeth removed. [Note: too bad we cannot buy dog bones for our own  teeth.  Beats brushing your teeth all the time!]

4. Exercising your dog and yourself

Ensuring you have a healthy dog includes providing your beloved pet a broad range of activity. The first thing to think of is to consider your dog’s age, its physical health, its mental condition,  and how much they have been exercising recently.

Over-exercising your dog will have grave consequences for their health. Dogs adopted from the shelter or abusive homes need to start out on low levels of exercising. They need to learn to trust you, and they need to build up stamina from improper dog care and proper feeding. Many have not received love previously, and do not recognize what it is.

Exercising with your dog in extreme cold or heat will make for a sick dog, whether it is a young puppy or an older dog. Winter hypothermia or heat illness can be fatal for your canine friend.

5. Dog vaccinations

Finally and lastly, remember that a healthy pet is a result of you being an educated and caring dog owner. Having your dog vaccinated is essential, making sure your veterinarian tests for the vaccine’s titre. This means that a sample of your dog’s blood is analyzed for its immunological response to a viral disease. If your dog has an acceptable level, then no further vaccines are immediately required. If not, spend the money and keep the vaccines up-to-date.


Chances are if you have a dog you are a dog person, unless you have both a dog and cat. Then you are a dog and cat person. Add a bird, a gold fish, couple of goats, and a hamster or two — well, you are nothing but an animal person. As such, you likely consider all your pets to be beloved members of the family. Take good care of them and love them with quality cat care, bird care, fish care, goat care, hamster care, and dog care … and they will return it a hundred times over.


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    Hi there! Thank you for your useful tips! I completely agree that these are the fundamentals of dog care. You’ve briefly mentioned mental health, but I believe it is very important. Our dogs are very smart, and they must consistently be trained mentally. What I do is I incorporate meal time with games using simple toys. My dogs would have to figure out how to do certain things to be able to get its food from the food bowl. Another aspect of mental health is connected to its emotions. I like to develop a deeper emotional connection with my dogs by spending more time with them, playing around. A healthy emotional connection develops better mental health.

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