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Dog Health Insurance – Routine Care Coverage For Dogs

Routine care coverage for dogs involve regular check-ups at least twice a year.  This type of care for dogs through the a lot of the majority of dog health insurance programs is typically not offered to policyholders, unless the company offers a special  “rider” or “add-on” at higher rates.

Mandatory visits  to the vet include regular health check-ups, routine care, vaccinations, and worming schedules  to help pets live a longer and healthier life. Pet insurance provides for early detections of diseases and illnesses,  allowing for provisions of early treatments to save lives through routine care coverage. But there are many situations they do not cover, which means a dog owner should check out the company thoroughly and get some type of reviews or customer feedback.

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Annual routine care coverage for dogs consist of the following which benefit their health:

  • Check-ups on an annual basis
  • Routine vaccinations
  • Routine worming
  • Prophylactic teeth cleaning
  • Spaying & neutering


Before making a decision about which type of policy to purchase from a pet health insurance company , you will need to find out answers to a few of your questions. If something bad were to happen to your dog–getting ran over, a  fight, a serious illness, or a deadly disease–do you want a policy which would cover just routine care coverage or a policy which will cover a medical emergency only — or both?

The decision that you make will make a difference on how much the pet health insurance or particular dog health insurance policy will cost you out of pocket. But without insurance, it will either cost you extra out of pocket in cash, or you will unable to take your dog to the vet.

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Photographer: Nancy Houser and her old Rat Terrier, Buttons. "Due to painful arthritis, old dogs are more apt to bite young children. Letting a child mishandle an old dog is like letting them jump around on a 90-year old grandmother, or in my case. only 62!"

The more things that are covered through the vet, the higher the premium will be — which makes sense. If money is a problem, keep coverage at a minimum. Cover only emergencies or things that can happen unexpectedly, which can run into thousands of dollars for the dog’s medical care.  “What exactly is the correct amount of pet or dog health insurance to get?” is a difficult decision to make. Typically, the decision is based on how much money you have available for the dog health insurance, the dog insurance company you use,  and the medical condition of your dog.

Obviously, the decision will be an individual-decision based on personal income levels, budgets, the needs of the dog, individual priorities, and what you consider to be insurable events. Every time your pet insurance or dog health insurance pays for routine care things that a person normally can pay out of their pocket, it will become much more expensive for everyone concerned.


Regular routine visits to the veterinarian are not considered “insurable events.” We buy pet and dog health insurance to protect ourselves and our pets or dogs from things we really do not want to happen, are most unlikely to happen, or if it does happen–it will come unexpectedly and will be very expensive.

This is also why pre-existing conditions are not covered–we already knew about them before purchasing a pet health insurance policy or are part of our routine maintenance for our dog or pet, therefore they are not an unexpected event.  Routine care coverage for dogs or pets is never considered an emergency or an insurable event, which is why almost all pet or dog health insurance companies do not cover them.

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  1. Lois
    March 1, 2014 at 9:19 pm — Reply

    What Insurance Company do you sponsor or recommend for emergency care also is there such a thing as routine care insurance ? thank you in advance.

    • March 1, 2014 at 11:41 pm — Reply

      Lois, I would suggest a website that compares insurance companies, looking at where you live and information on your dog. Once such website is Embrace Pet Insurance. It compares Embrace with six major companies, plus you can read up on the company’s reviews.

      Another is Pet Insurance Review. It alows you to copare all plans, basic plans or premium plans. It also has an insurance grid that makes it easier on the eyes to compare prices.

      If you need any more assistance, please email me at

  2. vanessa
    September 15, 2011 at 2:53 pm — Reply

    hey i was just wondering what pet insurance would you recommend that covers both routine care and emergencies?

    • September 20, 2011 at 10:08 am — Reply

      I have forwarded your question to our pet insurance sponsor who should be getting hold of you soon for current rates and policy information. If not, please let me know.

  3. March 10, 2010 at 5:43 am — Reply

    thanks !! very helpful post!

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