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Dog Health: Natural Elimination of Parasites

It is a well-known fact that veterinarian homeopaths practice the natural elimination of parasites in pets, always with pet health as a primary concern. A lesser-known fact is that a healthy pet will naturally rid itself of pet parasites on its own, and not become reinfected. Healthy pet parasites cannot survive on a healthy animal, with parasitic infections associated with low immune systems in pets.

Pet parasites may consist of roundworms, heartworms, tapeworms, whipworms, or hookworms. Any one of these parasites requires a living host for their survival, absorbing your pet’s nutrients through a blood sucking process. A healthy parasite is able to multiply steadily in huge numbers in a weakened animal. Without a proper worming treatment, you may say you are feeding and caring for the parasites — not your beloved pet. Parasites in pets can eventually kill their host due to the overwhelming worm numbers devouring the animal from the inside out, eventually causing its death.


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Conventional vet methods vs. holistic and natural vet methods

Large numbers of pet owners are slowly switching from conventional veterinarian methods for eliminating parasites in pets to more natural methods. This consists of natural and organic pet products that are simple to use and gentle on the animal’s body — with very few if any side effects. Due to the popularity of alternative healing methods for animals, in 1996 the American Veterinarian Medical Association (AVMA) had adopted guidelines for alternative and complementary medicine for animals in the fields of veterinary botanical medicine, veterinary homeopathy, and holistic veterinary medicine. From then on, alternative methods have grown rapidly while being accepted by the traditional veterinarian field.

However, not all herbal products are safe as some contains toxic ingredients. The company you do business with requires your confidence in their ability to properly research and prepare herbal products safely for your pet. Using a safe product such as a natural organic herbal parasite formula for dogs and cats is perfect for the animal that already has a worm infestation. Some of the natural herbs used are cloves, gentian root, papaya leaf, and the neem leaf – a combination that emphasizes the true innate power of herbs with successful homeopathy knowledge passed down over the years.

Worms in young puppies and mothers

It is a fact that over 90% of young puppies will develop roundworms, obtained through their mother’s milk, placental blood, or eating fecal matter on their own with worm eggs in it. However, a lot depends on how well the mother has been wormed during her pregnancy and with what. Many vets treat pregnant females as a preventive for roundworms in dogs when they become pregnant and before she gives birth. Four weeks later, they will treat her and her puppies and every two weeks thereafter. If the mother dog has worms and you do not properly worm her and the puppies, it is possible for over 100,000 worms a day to develop inside their bodies. Roundworms in dogs can be a very ugly situation if it is not controlled from the very beginning, yet is easily treatable.

However, by feeding the mother dog a naturally nutritious diet throughout her pregnancy and maintaining her health by homeopathic methods – she and her puppies will not only be in good health but also not have continuously reoccurring worm issues down the road. The natural elimination of parasites in pets can easily be done with no side effects through natural wormers and working with vet holistic remedies. Check online and see if you can find one locally.

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  1. November 17, 2010 at 5:42 pm — Reply

    Knock on wood, we have never had a problem with worms but it is nice to know there are natural methods for treatment as opposed to harsh pharmaceuticals. 100,000 worms a day, YUCK!

    I think it’s great that we are evolving to take care of our senior dogs. I cannot understand the thought process of abandoning your dog when he gets old. It’s just beyond my comprehension. I love “One Man’s Special Tribute To A Dog”

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