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Dog Strollers – Advantages of Using Strollers for Dogs

Dog strollers are one of today’s more popular dog items. In fact, one could say that dogs are luckier now than 100 years ago. Early book and stories show us that affection for family pets has not changed much. However, one does not have to be an Einstein to see that dog care has done a 360-degree turnaround.

In recent years, technology has made it easy to ensure both you and your dog have comfort and quality care, as compared to the care of pets in0 earlier years. As loving dog owners, we cannot deny that we are now able to do anything and everything for our furry canine friends. Dog strollers are one of those things, but they are not just for our dogs. They are for us also!

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We love our dogs as much today as we did centuries ago. What has changed are the many ways we provide quality care for them, including dog strollers, safer toys, dog beds, and clothing items.

Dog owners are willing to do the utmost for the comfort and betterment of their dog. Why … because of the bond between man and dog. Still, when the subject of dog strollers come up, we are approached with questions like “How Stupid! Why would anyone put a dog in a silly dog stroller? They are treated better than children!” And truth be known, when most new products come out they are treated with ridicule in the same way. I am just as guilty about it, but I am a researcher and studied about the real-time benefits of quality dog strollers.

Real-time benefits of a quality dog stroller

When discussing dog strollers , many of my readers wrote to me, saying,  ‘Come on dude! It’s just a dog!’ In fact, I  that very same way until I came to know the real overall benefits of a stroller. After doing some research and talking to some real dog owners, I can really see the benefits of strollers in non-dog and the small-to-medium dog stroller.  And today in this article, I’m going to share those insights in brief, bearing in mind there are several types of strollers:

  • I found out that baby strollers are used in the care of babies while saving on the backs of mothers and fathers…and  allowing siblings to help out.  It can easily become a family outing while  exercising!
  • In this time of baby boomers (with many single boomers), especially those that are dog owners, a dog is their baby, their family and the love of their life. Considering the care and affection an owner has for his dog, the dog strollers are no less important than any other item for the care of their dog.
  • Travel strollers have replaced hauling heavy suitcases around.
  • Academic classes or conferences can use strollers for carrying videos, slides, printouts, books, and so on.

When researching,  I discovered there are many effective benefits of a dog stroller that I feel dog owners would enjoy. Some were things that stood out over others, while other  benefits were just so-so. If you have any personal ideas or questions, please send them to me.

Advantages of Using a Dog Stroller for Your Pet

  • Walking your dog for long distances are excellent in dog strollers
  • Distant locations could be dog parks, grooming salons, a friend’s home, and so on..
  • No wonder that the first and foremost benefit of a dog stroller is that you can take your dog anywhere you want to. No matter wherever you are, your dog won’t feel uncomfortable in its own stroller.
  • Problems, like being under the hot sun or getting wet in the rain, will occur no more.
  • Keeping your pet in a familiar place, regardless where you go.
  • You know how much your pet is afraid of being in new circumstances. So, when you’re on the go, a stroller can be the best alternative of its own place. In a stroller held by you, nothing would look like strange and unfamiliar to your pup.
  • Older dog owners enjoy it for older dogs or dogs who are ill.
  • Not all of the dogs are capable of full-on running, especially when they physically handicapped.  The same limitation works pretty well in case of old dog owners as well.
  • In these days, older dogs and older human need an easier way to spin around the block. So far as we are concerned, nothing can assist it better than dog strollers.
  • Dog’s have strong paws. But not always can they run on their own. In the summer, when the temperature on a paved road is more than 100 degrees, it can feel like burning coal on the pads of your dog’s feet. In the winter, they can accumulate as ice packs in between the pads. Without proper care, they can become lame. As most of the pet owners are concerned, the best prevention remedy for these kinds of injuries is to use quality dog strollers when weather goes to the extremes.


Keep Your Dog Running as Long as It Can

Running with your dog is maybe one of the favorite exercises for dog owners. But you cannot know every time when an older dog is going to give up. Keeping a dog stroller with you while exercising is a good idea. When your dog has had enough running (you need to recognize when an older dog is beginning to tire), you can continue running with your dog inside the stroller. Make sure they are able to get out of the sun to cool down. In the meantime, the pup can breathe some air and join you again when it gets rested up.

Bottom Line

Thanks for being with me throughout the entire article. And thanks to technology for inventing stuff like dog strollers etc. that made our life easier as pet owners. But therefore, this is one of the many perks that technology has provided for our pets. Ensuring that it’s not breaking our bank, we’d always love to do our best for our furry friends.

Author Bio:

John Howes is the founder of PetCareUp – a 29-year-old entrepreneur, pet lover and passionate blogger. He loves to write about dogs and helps pet owners choose the best products for their pet.


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