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Dog Feeders – What Dog Owners Should Know

Dog feeders (or dog waterers) are necessary items for dogs. Usually, dog owners spend very little time checking out what types are available, primarily checking on affordability. Once a dog ages or develops a medical condition, this changes.

Caring dog owners will begin to buy water and feed-based bowl based on a dog’s age or its health. Age of a dog can go either way. Young puppies chew on their bowls, hauling them around to the back yard to bury them.

When choosing dog feeders, pet owners should consider the following things:

● Do you prefer individual dog feeders as a unit or in separate bowls?
● Do you prefer a metal or plastic unit that offers automatic feeding?
● Does your pet’s age or medical condition require a high style or special setup?
● If you travel a lot with your dog, buy water and feed bowls that are easily transferable?

For a fact, the most anticipated time of the day for any dog is mealtime. The fundamentals of eating and drinking make dog feeders vital items, at least to the dog! Dog owners need to research the many types of waterers and feeders that are available to the pet-owning public.

dog waterers-dog feeders
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Automatic dog feeders

In comparison to a single bowl for water or for feed, automatic dog feeders have a much larger capacity, working by gravity or electronically.

For busy dog owners who have tight schedules, automatic units are time efficient for feeding the family dog for long periods of time.  This type of waterer and feeder is perfect for them.

Automatic waterers and feeders are also suitable for dog owners who do not want to spend too much time filling their dog’s bowls. For dog owners whose pets prefer their food to be unrestrictedly accessible at all times, gravity-style waterers and feeders are ideal. A couple of days worth of food can fit into the feeder jug. Water that lasts a couple of days, depending on your dog, also fits into the capacity of the container.

Water should be changed routinely, more often than larger amounts of dog food, as dogs prefer cold and fresh water. Dry kibble can last for days without losing its flavor.

dog waterers-dog feeders
The good thing about automatic waterers and feeders is that they are perfect for both cats and dogs.


Single meals with controlled portions are fed through electronic automatic feeders; sometimes they can be set on a programmable timer. This type of feeder prevents pet dogs from overeating by ensuring that they eat regularly at scheduled intervals.

Some dog waterers can remove impurities by continuously circulating the water through a carbon filter. It also helps minimize bacterial growth while keeping the dog’s water fresher and cooler.

Stainless Steel bowls and dishes

For several reasons, veterinarians highly recommend stainless steel bowls. The possibility of contacting dermatitis, which usually results from dog exposure to dyes or plastic, is reduced by using stainless steel bowls.

Stainless steel dog bowls and dishes have a pore-free construction, and they are quite durable. Also, dog owners can easily wash them in the dishwasher.

For dog owners who prefer to warm their dog food in the microwave, or they are fond of changing the style of their dog bowls, stoneware bowls and dishes are a beautiful option. Usually, these dishes are microwave and dishwasher safe, while they have glazed finishes and bold colors. Many dog owners tend to prefer plastic for its durability. Just like stainless steel dishes and bowls, dog owners can wash most plastic types in the dishwasher.

When choosing a dish or bowl, some of the important things to keep in mind include the capacity, depth and also the diameter. Broad bowls that have a smaller diameter are ideal for dogs that have floppy, log ears because their ears do not get wet in the water bowl.

Dog owners who are away at work all day, they should consider the average portion size of their dog and make sure the containers hold enough food and water for the entire day.

Elevated feeders

Elevated feeders are often recommended for dogs by veterinarians because of the many benefits that include cleanliness and hygiene, and comfort for dogs with arthritis or back or neck problems. They are also beneficial for dogs suffering from megaesophagus or any other condition because of which they are not able to swallow.

The increased cleanliness of feeding areas because of elevated dishes and waterers or feeders. Elevated dishes are designed to prevent water and food from spilling down on the floor.

As a means of facilitating swallowing, dogs often tend to lift their heads after they have taken a drink. Thus, when dogs raise their heads, the water that is not swallowed usually ends up getting spilled on the floor.

Over time, the floor is ruined by this. As a result of moisture that might get accumulated under the dish, an excellent place for bacteria and mold to grow. Elevated waterers and feeders make it easier for the dogs to eat their food and drink water.

When eating or drinking from an elevated feeder, they do not have to raise their heads too far, so usually, the food or water drips back down into the dish.


dog waterers and dog feeders
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Dog feeders for traveling

Dog owners who are away from home with their dog, whether they are trail trekking, traveling, or just on an outing, should carry dog travel dishes with them to feed their pet dog.

Collapsible bowls are a good example of dog dishes used for traveling, designed to occupy minimal space and have a waterproof lining. For convenient packing, collapsible dog bowls fold almost flat. Keeping pet dogs hydrated on the go is necessary, so dog owners should make sure that they carry water bottles with them when traveling with their pet dog.

A self-storing dog bowl for the pet dog to lap water from comes with some water bottles.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Automatic Waterers

1. Which waterers keep water most hygienic?

Dogs need water to stay healthy and hydrated. They require 8.5 to 17 ounces of water per 10 pounds a day. For example, a Lab would drink about 1/2 gallon of water per day.  Dogs prefer drinking from a bowl of clean, fresh water instead of warm stagnation water. Automatic waterers are excellent when it comes to keeping the water hygienic. They use very little electricity and no separate water lines.

2. Which is the most sanitary bowl type?

Stainless steel bowls have a non-porous construction, making them the most sanitary bowl on the market.  Because of this, veterinary offices and large dog kennels use stainless steel.

For dog owners who have a dog that is allergic to materials with dyes or materials such as plastic.

The range of pet waterers and feeders are quite diverse, so pet owners can easily find a suitable one for home use, and one for on the go!


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