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Dogs of Fashion Who Love the Baltimore Orioles

Dogs of fashion who love the Baltimore Orioles are in dog heaven this year (along with their owners) with the Orioles hosting the Kansas City Royals in the opening of the league championship series. The winner will go to the World Series, the first time the Orioles have been this close in 31 years.

There are a few dogs of fashion who become so desperate to attend a Baltimore Oriole game, they have been known to go to drastic measures measures when their owner only buys one ticket—-and not for them! When the Fed Ex delivered game tickets to longtime Oriole’s fan Karl Breslaw, the tickets immediately became a delicious lunch for 7-month-old, 80-pound Burmese Mountain Dog named Fezzi, who saw the package before Breslaw did—or what was left of it. According to CBS Baltimore, Karl estimates he’s been to more than a thousand orioles games during his lifetime.

The good news, while the World Series tickets are damaged at the top corners, the bar codes and seat locations are intact. So Karl, a longtime O’s fan, will get to go to the games if the O’s get to baseball’s biggest stage.

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The Baltimore Oriole players were given an article in the Baltimore Fishbowl, looking for “Which Baltimole Oriole Has The Cutest Dog?” Difficult at best, many of them (such as Adam Jones and his rescue dog Missy or Nick Markasis and several of his rescue dogs) own rescue dogs that are absolutely beautiful. The Baltimore Orioles posed for an upcoming 2015 calendar with their dogs and cats, which maybe is one big reason they are liked so well by Baltimore Oriole loving pets? Hmmm….

Every Baltimore Oriole dog whose owner loves the Orioles has a display of Baltimore Oriole dog fashions to choose from. These range from mesh shirts, collars, leashes, cell phone covers, baseballs with the Oriole logo on it.

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