Emotional Support Dogs – Important Facts About Registering a Very Special Canine

Emotional support dogs are an increasingly common addition to homes. Whether they help calm a child with autism or keep a heavily depressed person from harming herself or himself, animal companions can be of great medical importance. If your pet helps you get through the day for one reason or another, you may be able to register them as emotional support animal.

Most of us have pets, and we know they make incredible and loyal friends to us and our families. They help relieve stress, and cure what could be chronic loneliness. However, for some pet owners, these furry friends are much more than friends; they are as important as doctors or medication.


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The Personality of Your Emotional Support Dogs do Matter

For some service animals, the animal’s personality is important. German shepherds, Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, and border collies are common service animals for those who seek them. These dog breeds are best when it comes to physical assistance for disabled individuals, they are also capable of learning to undergo medical alert services for such individuals. However, your current animal – cat or dog – no matter the breed, can become an emotional support animal.

For individuals with panic attacks, severe anxiety, autism, post-traumatic stress disorder, or personality disorders, any kind of pet can serve as a support animal as long as it has a calming effect on the troubled individual. While personality may play a role when you choose your pet, they have already served as a positive presence in your life  when you choose to register them as an emotional support animal.

On Doctor’s Orders

Most believe that you need specific orders from your doctor in order to properly register your pet as an emotional support animal. You are able to choose a service animal, train it, and register it – it’ll be able to be in public places with you – without doctor’s orders. However, if you are able to obtain a doctor’s prescription that shows your pet is necessary for your well-being in public places, do so because not every public place will recognize service animals as such. Taking care of emotional support dogs is vital, especially the issue of their health

Train Your Pet Well

Even if you’ve had your pet for years you may still need to train it once you decide to make it an emotional support animal. After all, your pet is doing an important job for its best friend. Training emotional support animals includes teaching them how to deal with you, calm you or otherwise provide services, without disrupting others.


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Source: Outreach Mama


It is important to remember that the Americans with Disabilities Act protects a disabled individual’s right to an emotional support animal or such other service animal. In this, they should always be welcome in public with you as they are necessary for your health. However, the training and the registration are important as well because they will help those who do not understand why your pet is important to your health.

Once your pet is well-trained, the next step in this process is to register it as an emotional support animal. Make sure that you educate yourself on all of the ESA Registration Guidelines & Process beforehand. After you’ve gone through the steps and registered your animal as a support animal, it will don a badge that will emphasize the new important role which makes it more than a pet.

Your furry friend keeps you grounded, and therefore it should be recognized for bringing this incredible benefit into your life. A happy cat or dog has proven to be much more than a reason you smile, it can become one of the reasons to live.


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