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Five Top-Notch Dog Products on the Market

Dog products seem to never be in short supply. The market spans from dog products that are incredibly useful and innovative to things that are arguably more for an owner’s pleasure (Pup-casso art kit, anyone?). Web searches for “useful pet products” are as likely to yield dog bowties as they are new dog vaccines. I’ve scoured the web far and wide, and now present to you five top-notch dog products on the market, in my humble opinion.

Finding Rover app
Finding Rover app

This is a great app that allows owners to add their pet to a database that uses facial recognition software to help someone identify him/her should they get lost. In a practical capacity, it changes the way that pets can be reunited with owners, and hopefully can help good Samaritans bypass the vet or the pound for a microchip scanning, and instead call up the owner directly within minutes of finding a lost pooch.

Pet Rider Backseat Cover

My furry partner-in-crime used to leave traces of hair, mud, and slobber all over my backseat until I was gifted a backseat cover from my mother-in-law for Christmas last year. I can’t emphasize enough how far it has gone to save my car from creature-destruction. The cover easily attaches around my back headrests and lines my back row seats with washable, durable fabric. If only they made a product equivalent for a living room!

Pet Water Fountain

This is a surefire way to make sure that your pet gets the fresh water that he needs without you having to re-fill the bowl throughout the day. Many fountains are automatic, and can hold up to five gallons of filtered water that is released mess-free when a sensor is activated. They also have automatic pet food dispensers for pets that can self-moderate their eating. My dog, unfortunately, is not one of these.


The Poop Tent

This is ideal for pets who hate venturing into the rain, snow, or mud to do their business. The tent can be pitched over their designated spot, allowing them to relieve themselves comfortably come rain or shine.

Nature’s Miracle No More Marking Spray

This is designed to keep pets from peeing on furniture and carpet because they hate the smell, but it smells like cinnamon to me. It really is amazing, and works like a charm.   Cindy Romero is an animal lover from North Carolina. She writes for PetPremium when she isn’t playing fetch with her two dogs or trying to keep her cat off of the kitchen counters.   

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