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Five Unique Dog Beds for Mutts of All Ages

A dog bed is its cave.

It’s important that your pet has a dedicated safe haven where it can retreat, relax and rest its head after a long and active day, especially as they get older.

With that in mind, many dog owners splash out a few extra pennies on an extravagant place of rest for their dog. There are certainly some unique dog beds to pick from if you look around. Here’s a selection of the five particularly eye-catching designs.

#1 Eco Buttercup Dog Bed

The nest-like shape of this bed makes it one of the snuggliest designs on the market. The Eco Buttercup Bed is ideal for keeping small puppies warm. It can also be flattened out, making it more suitable for larger pooches too. Perhaps most remarkably, this reversible bed is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

Eco buttercup bed

#2 Nanosphere Waterproof & Smellproof Dog Bed

Although the shape of this design is hardly ground-breaking, this is arguably one of the most scientifically advanced dog beds available to buy at the present moment.

It utilises a Nanosphere fabric that repels any form of liquids or solids, making it completely stain-proof. Similar to a lotus leaf, the particles used to create the fabric are so small that nothing can stick to them. This goes for mud, dirt, water or debris. It’s also repels the oil from dog’s fur, which is typically what make their beds smell after a while. With just a blast of water now and again, this bed should stay looking clean and smelling great for years.

Nanosphere Waterproof dog bed

#3 TV Dog Bed

This is a stroke of genius and not as difficult to create as you might imagine. Your old wide-screen TV has the potential to be recycled into a perfect dog bed if your pet is tiny enough. Simply smash out the screen and remove all the inside, add a mattress and you’ve got your very own sleeping dog channel. A great DIY project which could potentially save you a bit of cash.

#4 Croc Dog Bed

Try showing this to someone who thinks crocs aren’t cool. What at first looks like Goliath’s footwear after he let himself go is actually a unique and comfortable bed for man’s best friend. The bed comes in a range of colours and it’s even possible to personalise it by sticking letters in the air holes. Just because no-one under the age of 30 will be seen dead in crocs, it doesn’t mean your dog won’t love it.

Croc Dog bed

#5 Paris Hilton Dog Mansion

You can say what you like about billionaire heiress Paris Hilton, but she sure knows how to spoil her dogs. This doggy mansion reportedly cost $325,000, has two floors and a balcony. She even installed an air conditioner and a black crystal chandelier. Paris has five dogs and this is arguably big enough to house them all.

You might not be able to spoil your dogs to the level that Miss Hilton is able to, but it certainly possible to treat your pet with a bed they will fall in love with. Why not have a browse of pet accessory websites right now?


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    Wow. These are great unique dog beds and I’m sure pets will really love them. They have simple and elegant designs that will surely a lot will buy. It’s great that they are easy to clean though. Thanks for having this article. I really appreciate it. This is a big help.

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