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Fleas and ticks are the scourge of the animal world. The average pet owner has no idea how deadly fleas and ticks can be, in addition to toxic chemicals being used.

Over 60 million pet-owning homes have used toxic pest products for the control of fleas, ticks, and other parasites. Using pesticides and insecticides for parasite control can seriously harm elderly dogs, sick dogs,  puppies, kittens,  or other animals who are allergic to some of the ingredients in the toxic product.

In comparison, USA made products from Natural Wonder Pets are just as effective and much safer.

Fleas and ticks have become a global problem due to warmer weather and climate changes, making toxic poisons for pest control a huge money-making market. In comparison, USA-made products from Arizona’s Natural Wonder Pets are just as effective and much safer for both you and your pet.


natural control for fleas and ticks

How fleas and ticks are destructive and dangerous


A female flea can lay 20 eggs a day; half that number is females. Without flea control treatment, by the end of two months, there will be approximately 20,000 fleas on your pet and in your home. Hard to believe, isn’t it? But by using a natural and safe treatment like TripleSure, your home will become a pet utopia, instead of drowning in deadly toxic chemicals. 


Disease-carrying fleas date back to the bubonic plague, one of the many infectious diseases that changed the entire world. Today the historical bubonic plague that killed so many people is obsolete, but plague-carrying fleas that can kill people and pets are not. All a flea has to do is take a bite out of an infected animal [i.e. chipmunks, prairie dogs, or moles] and the disease is passed on.  Preventing this and other parasites require serious decision making, will it be the toxic chemical products or natural products for pets? 

How you can tell if your dog or cat has the plague is if the animal develops a fever with swollen lymph nodes, or it dies with no warning. Either way, the infected animal needs to be taken immediately to your veterinarian to control the disease and prevent it from spreading.


Tapeworms are another serious problem that comes from fleas. If a flea bites an infected animal, that flea will become infected with tapeworms. Eventually,  that flea will be consumed by a dog or cat, through eating feces or cleaning themselves.

Once it enters the dog’s body, it will hatch out tapeworm eggs. When that happens, the animal becomes infected. Once the eggs hatch, they will attach to the dog’s intestines.  

Seeing small kernels of moving rice around the anus area is common with tapeworms.  These are segments that have broken the tapeworm body in the intestines. 

The dog will begin to lose weight, start vomiting and become very irritable.When a dog is physically down this much, the worst thing a person can do is spray them with a toxic product for flea and tick control. The Natural Wonder Pets product for worms and parasites is FourGuard Herbal Parasite Formula. 

Symptoms of dog worms and cat worms include:

  • a dull coat
  • loss of appetite
  • loss of weight
  • development of a pot belly (especially in puppies
  • low energy level
  • coughing
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • “butt scooting” along the carpet

Flea Allergy Dermatitis

Flea allergy dermatitis in pets is caused by the bite of a flea, with extreme itchiness and hot spots developing. In dogs the hot spots become circular, forming a serious wound when the dog continues to lick the area. When this happens, the licking from the dog’s tongue causes flea bacteria to spread wherever it comes into contact with.


tick on a green leaf

According to the CDC, infections from emerging tickborne diseases are on the rise with new tickborne diseases developing. Many species of ticks can transmit multiple diseases in one bite with the geographic areas of ticks rapidly expanding.


There are 850 species of ticks on the planet. Ticks cause illnesses in people and dogs alike.  People cannot catch Lyme disease, or Rocky Mountain spotted fever, from infected dogs. But if ticks bite humans after biting an infected dog, the person can develop the illness that originated from the infected dog.

Lyme Disease

Thinking she had a stroke, a Montana woman became paralyzed due to the bite of a tick. But she was later diagnosed as having Lyme disease. Symptoms of Lyme disease are anemia, fever, lameness, and paralysis. Lyme disease is on the rise due to a warm winter and spring. 

Tick Paralysis

On May 18, 2017, an article written by Jennifer Gonsoulin for  ABC News announced that tick bites are causing a rare form of tick paralysis. According to the CDC, it occurs in dogs and children under ten years of age.

Tick paralysis is caused by over 40 species of ticks. It is the only tick-borne disease that is not caused by an infectious organism. What causes the paralysis is a neurotoxin produced in the tick’s salivary gland. After prolonged attachment, the engorged tick transmits the toxins to its host. In addition to becoming paralyzed, a serious respiratory situation may occur. 

Many attempts have been made to isolate and identify the neurotoxin since the first tick isolation in 1966. Unfortunately, the exact structure of the toxin has still not been published and no human vaccine is available for tick-borne diseases. Natural products like TripleSure are the only products available that can control the ticks safely.

Fleas and ticks


Haemobartonellosis is a parasitic blood disease, caused primarily by ticks but can also be caused by the bite of a flea. It is a disease that typically targets dogs who have had their spleen removed. Once inside the dog, it goes after red blood cells,  causing mild to severe symptoms, a loss of appetite and loss of weight.

If a cat is affected, it develops anemia, resulting in weight loss and a fast heart rate. If a cat is observed eating dirt, treatment is vital, or death will occur.


Picture of Gary Le Mon

TripleSure – Natural control for fleas and ticks

TripleSure is a product we have used for the past couple of years in our rescue center. Gary Le Mon, master herbalist and owner of Natural Wonder Products for Pets, donated a gallon to our dogs and we have not used anything else since. I never have to worry if it will kill my dog or make it extremely ill. It smells good and works well, what else can I say?

The product  I used was made of the essential oils of cedarwood and peppermint, a 100% natural flea control and tick killer that was also effective against bedbugs, mites, lice, mosquitoes, and most stinging insects.  It is a product that is gentle to the environment and to cats, kittens (No Essential Oil products) dogs, and puppies that are being treated (products with essential oils).  As it was made with 100% human grade ingredients, I even used it on myself whenever I was working in the outside dog run!

Searching for a company that specializes in natural products requires some business sense to check the company out thoroughly.

  • Natural Wonder Pets belongs to the BBB Better Business with an A+ rating.
  • Natural Wonder Pets formulates and manufactures proprietary, all-natural, holistic, and alcohol-free products.
  • 100% guarantee on all purchased natural products for the control of fleas and ticks.
  • Automatically given for each purchase are 5% bonus points for rewards.
  • Products can be found by type of pet, type of disease, symptoms, or medicine used.
  • Excellent product reviews.


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Tessie, by Nancy Houser  “A healthy dog is a happy dog. And when your dog is happy, so are you.”

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