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Free Nextdoor Social Media Helps Find Lost Pets

There is a free social media for U.S. neighborhoods called that has not only helped people but countless lost pets to find their way home. Nextdoor was launched nationwide in October of 2011,  reuniting hundreds of lost pets with pet owners.  They have 1,600 neighborhood websites and and are located in 46 states.

Lost dog waiting
Credit: istockphoto/Orchidpoet

Nextdoor is a free and secure social network that connects people across the United States with their neighbors.

Nextdoor communities are self-started by individuals in communities who want to connect with their neighbors over a verified, secure infrastructure. Nextdoor is a San Francisco based startup, founded in 2010 by internet veterans with deep experience in creating thriving online communities.

Designed with the purpose of  fostering and strengthening communities, joining requires a person’s real name and the street where they live. Statistics show that 65% of Americans belong to some type of social networking site, yet one in three Americans do not know their neighbors by name, according to the Pawfun blog and Pew Research. Nextdoor is slowly changing that.

Once you and your neighbors are signed up for Nextdoor, all you need to do is simply post on your neighborhood’s page that your pet is missing and those who live near you will be alerted. Nextdoor’s new Urgent Alerts feature even allows your message to be sent straight to your neighbor’s cell phones as a text message, in case they’re not by a computer.

Facts about the Nextdoor social website,  according to Fidofriendly article on the pet social media:

  • It is  a free online platform,  enabling neighbors to create private social networks for their neighborhood.
  • Neighbors are able to communicate with each other to build stronger and safer neighborhoods.
  • Each neighborhood creates a private Nextdoor website that is accessible only to the residents of that neighborhood.
  • Varied topics of discussion are dog walks,  local events, school activities, babysitter recommendations, find pet sitters, recent crime activity, upcoming garage sales and reporting or finding lost pets.

Each person in Nextdoor neighborhoods  are required to verify where they live, in order to ensure they do live where they say they do. Four methods are available to join and prove identity:

1. Postcard with unique code sent to home  address

2. Phone call to a listed number registered to home address

3. Credit card billing address which matches home address

4. Invitation from a previously-verified neighbor


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  1. lili
    January 14, 2017 at 10:04 pm — Reply

    Lost my Siamese cat. Are there people that live around 85th place and E Portland St in S Scottsdale that are members of this neighborhood group? I don’t really know my neighbors, but I do need help finding my cat, he has been gone for 4 days and I have to move soon. Please let me know! He is lt grey and white and is not street smart! Please help!!!

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