Guest Posts

We occasionally accept guest posts. We will NOT accept any articles that are simply written for links. If you are a marketer, read about our advertising options here.

You have the highest chances for publication if you have hands-on experience with dogs. In order for us to consider your article, it needs to meet ALL of the following guidelines:

1. Only send original articles that have not been published anywhere on the web. You need to be the copyright holder of any article you submit, or have the right to submit it.

2. Search our site before deciding on a title for your article: if the topic you’re planning to write about has already been covered, choose a different one, or write about the same topic from a different angle. Please send along the titles or URLs of the articles you find on our site that have the same or similar topic you’re planning to write about.

3. Minimum length is 700 words.

4. Please do not send images, unless you have a snapshot of your own dog. If you send an image, please paste it directly into the email.

5. Break up your article with sub-headers.

6. Focus on just one topic – no general ‘fluff’ or generic articles please! Your article has to be tightly focused and be useful to our readers. In other words, make sure you write for people and not search engines.

7. No sales pitch.

8. Check for grammatical and spelling errors.

9. If you use Word to write your article, please AVOID any special formatting. Only headings, paragraphs and bullet points are OK to use. Avoid special fonts, indentations, page headers, underline, footers and so on. Better yet, avoid attachments altogether and send a plain text file that only includes your headings, paragraphs and your links and PASTE it into the email.

10. Add links to news sites, statistics and other supporting sites. However, if you’d like to add links to your own site or to your client’s site WITHIN your article, consider signing up for a sponsored post. Guest posts are only allowed ONE (1) link to your website  within your profile at the bottom of the article. Your link needs to lead to a pet/animal related page. If your link leads to a commercial website, that site needs to have a privacy policy and terms of use.



If your post meets ALL guidelines above, please send it to letters { at }

Please note: By submitting a guest post to us you confirm that you have permission to do so and you understand, that we may edit your article and add our own links.


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