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Pets of the Homeless — Help Needed

Bulletin from the cause:
“Pets of the Homeless”
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Due to the current economic situation that many nonprofits are going through, Pets of the Homeless is struggling everyday to cover veterinary care for pets of people without homes.

Five grant applications have been received and wait funding. Please make at least a $10 tax-deductable donation today – more if it can be afforded – so we can help make pets of the homeless people healthy and happy.

The conservative estimate of the total population of homeless people in the world is 200 million.

Summaries of applications and amounts requested:

1. The Senior Citizen Service Center Food Bank of Murrieta, CA asks for funds to continue providing pet food and veterinarian referral services. $500
2. Dr. Eileen Bissmeyer of All Creatures Veterinary Hospital of Mariposa, CA has requested a grant to fund a free clinic at the Merced County Rescue Mission for pets of the homeless. $825 would cover vaccine, flea and tick medication, food, dewormer, leashes, collars and surgical materials/transportation once a month.
3. “Free Clinic Days” provided by the MaRiLa Veterinary Clinic in Cross Plains, WI, twice a year. Pets to receive physical exams, vaccinations, radiographs and other medical care that they need to stay healthy. $200
4. Mission Free Veterinary Clinic at the Union Gospel Mission Spokane, WA each Wednesday. $500
5. No-Cost veterinary care program by Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine – Veterinary Ambulatory Clinic Services, (veterinarians and students) at Mercy House Transitional Living Centers in Ontario, CA. 8 clinics including spay/neuters. $3,500


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