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How to Care for Dogs With Disabilities

Dogs with disabilities have lost part or full functionality of their bodies for multiple reasons, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the dog can’t live out a fulfilling and happy life anymore. As long as their owners are willing to make a few adjustments and put in a bit of extra effort, even a disabled dog can live out the rest of his days in peace, love, and happiness.

If you are one of those people who love their dogs and would do anything to make sure that the life of your paralyzed canine friend is easier and happier, you may need to increase the number of baths to make sure that he is as clean as possible. Use baby wipes to clean the skin after urination, using very gentle motions.

If your dog is unable to move, use doggy diapers for the sake of your dog’s hygiene and that of your home.  Simple Solution from Chewy fits both male and female dogs. They are also ideal for female dogs in heat, dogs with urinary incontinence and excitable urination; perfect to absorb wetness and eliminate messes!

dogs with disabilities

Disable diapers, if chosen correctly, have a comfort leg fit, prepositional fur-friendly fasteners, a tail hole for tail-wagging comfort, a secure fit, and leak-proof protection. Chewy diapers have a breathable outer layer and leak-proof protection. If that is not enough, such as for larger dogs or dogs with excess eliminations, you can purchase disable liners for them. Note: you can buy disposable diapers or washable diapers for dogs for a variety of purposes.

Always check the coat of a disabled dog or an elderly dog routinely for signs of parasites as you are the caretaker. Perfect examples would be for dog worms, ticks, and fleas because they tend to attack sick or disabled dogs much more than healthy dogs.

To take care of regular bed cleaning issues, buy a few nylon beds which are washable. SnooZZy Durable Crate Mat for Dogs at Chewy or Amazon’s BRINDLE Waterproof Pet Bed. There are multiple reasons [latest information/statistics on dogs with disabilities] for dogs to develop some form of invalidity. Either way, buying a washable nylon dog bed is vital if you have a dog with disabilities, an elderly dog who cannot maintain much on their health-wise, or a dog who is sick.

  • Water-resistant crate mat is heavy-duty nylon that helps keep the bed dry.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors, and won’t get ruined by rain or accidents.
  • The two-inch bumper provides pets a place to burrow up against inside the crate.
  • Features a camouflage pattern of dogs for fun, take on an old classic and is machine washable.
  • Nonskid bottom means it can also be used alone as a comfy bed in any room in the home.

Properly customized prosthetic limbs and other body parts from Animal Ortho Care (recommendations) can miraculously change the life of a disabled pet for the rest of its life. From being unable to even stand up after losing a leg, dogs often end up running around and even forgetting their previous disabilities. A prosthetic can not only make your disabled dog mobile again, but they can also lift the mood of your depressed dog.


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Wheelchairs and Harnesses

An alternative to the prosthetic, customized wheelchairs can also make a dog with disabilities mobile again. Wheelchairs are suitable for disabled dogs that have a pair of strong working upper or lower limbs. If your dog isn’t robust enough to move around on his own with a wheelchair, harnesses would be a better option. Although, then he would be entirely dependent on you to hold the harness up while he tries to walk on his two working limbs.

Physical Therapy Sessions Work

Contrary to what some people may think, physical therapy for dogs works and helps get your paralyzed dog some much-needed exercise. (author’s choice) A canine physical therapist knows how the body of a dog works and will ensure that all muscle motions are properly utilized. In some cases, it isn’t uncommon to see a significant improvement in the paralyzed sections of the dog’s body after just a few weeks of physical therapy.

If the situation of your dog is severe and he can’t move at all,  you may need to check his bladder from time to time— especially if he cannot urinate properly. Not being able to move could also give rise to bed sores, making orthopedic beds a good idea. Lastly, if the condition gets too painful for the dog where he is suffering all the time, the only way you can help him is by taking that extremely hard decision of euthanizing him. However, in most cases, there’s a lot you can do with your dog before it even comes to that.


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