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How to Feed Your Dog While You Are Away

How to feed your dog while you are away is not that unusual of a worry. In today’s world, very few dog owners are home 100% of the time. They work, they shop, they go out for entertainment, they go to the doctor, and they go out with friends. Where does that leave your pet who refuses to eat when alone?

This behavior is not abnormal. You will find that many dog owners are facing the same problem. The problem is how to feed your dog while you are away because of the continuous refusal to eat. Dog experts have explained the reason behind such behavior in the following ways:

  • Anxiety from Separation: If your dog is not ready to gnaw on bones or eat his favorite food when left alone, then he or she may be suffering from separation anxiety.
  • Unaccustomed to Eat Alone: Giving accompany to the dog during his feeding also make them accustomed to eating only in company. So, he may be not willing to eat in your absence.
  • Feeling Insecure: Your doggy may lack the courage to protect its territory without you. As such, your dog will not be able to feel secure and hence, and lose the interest to eat.
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Whatever the reason is, you have to make sure that your pet is not starving as that can affect his health severely.  Getting depressed, becoming aggressive, and house soiling are some of the signs that if your pet shows, it means that he has become a victim of anxiety separation. 

In that case, to make him feed you need to wait for weeks. Try to bring some behavioral modifications to make them feel comfortable even when he is alone. Boosting their confidence level also can help if he is feeling insecure when you are not there.

Before leaving, turn on your T.V. or radio to cover up outside noises. By doing so, you can make your dog feel safe in a familiar environment. ‘Put its guard down’ by closing the windows. In short, give all your effort in preventing the access of outside noises. Restrict his movement to only those rooms from where he can’t hear the outside bustle. If he regains his confidence and feels safe inside the home, then he will surely eat the food that is already served by you.

Exercising your pet before stepping outside is one of the most efficient ways to drain his energy. As soon as he gets tired, he will jump on the food and start chewing it without bothering about your absence. But, on the contrary, if he remains dull, he may get lethargic and may want to pass the hours sleeping on his comfy bed. Apart from it, make sure that you have locked the gates properly to avoid the entry of unwanted guests.

If your doggy has started to consider eating as a social habit, then train him gradually to eat unaccompanied. Set up a small gate and make him feed there while you stand just behind the gate. Get out of his sight for a few second and then come back. Repeat it for some days.

Go on increasing the time gap between your leaving and coming back. By doing so, your pet will stop following you and remain focussed on the food, knowing that you will come back eventually.

Using an auto dog feeder is the smartest way to feed your dog when you are not around.  With this automatic feeder, you can leave home for several days without even bothering about feeding your dog. There are different types of auto feeders such as auto dog feeder by Petnet, which will guide you into feeding your dog healthy food even when you are not at home.


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